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A fantastic format accompanied with enticing music and bits of humor highlight the qualities of Radiolab. The show, with its interesting scientific and philosophical subjects, informs and entertains the listeners at the same time. The current tour, Radiolab Live: Apocalyptical is packed with new eccentric stories, live music and engaging commentary. With a series of sessions lined up, Radiolab Live will be entertaining curious folks throughout the Unites States. Find the answers to all of your queries by attending one of the enlightening shows in your town.

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Event: Radiolab Live

Genre: Science, Philosophy

Awards: Peabody Award, National Academies Communication Award, MacArthur Fellowship



Radiolab Live is the new tour series of the acclaimed radio show of the same name. The show began airing in 2002 and by 2005 it was broadcasting its regular season. Currently, the show is in its 12th season and also issues its consistent podcasts. With its broad syndication, the show reaches out to millions of listeners throughout the United States and is considered one of the most popular radio programs of the country. Radiolab Live: Apocalyptical is the latest addition to the show’s touring series.


About the Hosts


Radiolab Live is hosted by two of the most dynamic and creative personalities, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. Their articulacy and command over different scientific and philosophical subjects come in handy and together they craft the balanced format of the show.


Jad Abumrad makes excellent use of his expertise in the scientific knowledge and music to create some of the most innovative pieces for the show. Prior to Radiolab, he worked for a number of nationally broadcasted programs including Studio 360, Democracy Now! On the Media and All Things Considered.


Robert Krulwich’s effective illustration and knowledgeable commentary on complex subjects lists him among the most accomplished anchors. He has been active in the entertainment circle for more than three decades and has won numerous awards for his amazing talents and contribution. Krulwich has also worked for many renowned channels and radio stations and is known for his lauded projects such as Nightline, NOVA, World News Tonight and Frontline.


A Glimpse of the Show


Thought provoking themes, light comedy and compelling storytelling augment the appeal of the show and make it a complete learning experience for the attendees. The insightful commentary by the hosts enhances the understanding of the attendees about the topics presented in the show. A variety of fresh and relevant comic routines by a number of famous stand-up performers make the show more interactive and lively. Live music played by the talented musicians compliments the pace of the show and induce excitement in the audiences. All these elements put together in one place make the Radiolab Live a unique experience for a wide range of fun seekers.


Tour Lineup


Besides Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad as the hosts of the show, Radiolab Live: Apocalyptical touring series also includes some of the renowned comedians and musicians. Kurt Braunohler, Reggie Watts, Ophira Eisenberg, Patton Oswalt and Simon Amstell conclude the list of the stand-up performers. These comedians have years of experience in the field and are award winning celebrities of the showbiz.


Joining the team as onstage musicians, On Fillmore and Noveller complete the touring lineup of the show. Electric guitar solos combined with deep percussion and bass add to the visual appeal and beauty of the show. Together as one unit, all the team members are committed to entertain the attendees to the fullest.


Discover the Undiscovered!


Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich are hitting numerous venues across the US for their amusing live shows. Radiolab tickets are selling like hotcakes because of the exclusive format of the show. With a number of broad scientific topics combined with effective arrangements, Radiolab is a perfect live experience for quality entertainment lovers. Join one of the sessions of Radiolab Live: Apocalyptical and spare some moments of fun for yourself.

Did You Know…

  • Radiolab is aired on more than 450 nationally syndicated radio stations.
  • More than four million podcasts of the show are downloaded each month.
  • Robert Krulwich is an Emmy and George Polk Award winner.
  • The show is listened to by over 1.8 million listeners.
  • In 2011, Jad Abumrad was named MacArthur Fellow by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.