Phantom Of The Opera

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The Phantom of the Opera

Popular Songs:

The Music of the Night, Think of Me, Angel of Music

Major Awards:

7 Tony Awards, 7 Drama Desk Awards, 3 Laurence Olivier Awards

The Phantom of the Opera is an enthralling musical that has provided twenty five years of spectacular theatrical experience to its audiences. It has been adapted by several productions and is running successfully at different venues, across nearly thirty countries around the world. The North American Tour will begin in November, with first show taking place in Providence. The musical will also hit the theatres in Minneapolis and Cincinnati. Phantom of the Opera will be bringing its new production to the theatres and it's expected that sales will beat previous records.


The musical has been adapted from the novel ‘Le Fantôme de l'Opéra' by the French writer, Gaston Leroux. The publication came out in September of 1910 and later it was translated into English language. The book may not have received the success it deserved but with subsequent adaptations on celluloid and stage, it has become one of the most watched love stories of recent times.

Curtain Raiser

The Phantom of the Opera premiered in West End, London, in the year 1986. The musical starred Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in lead roles. The choreography was done by Gillian Lynne while the set design was by Maria Bjornson. The Broadway production opened two years later in New York City. The Phantom of the Opera received both the Laurence Olivier Award as well as the prestigious Tony Award for the ‘Best Musical Debut' in London and New York.

Exceptional Music Score

One of the highlights of The Phantom of the Opera is its unforgettable music. The impressive singing by the performers evokes emotions, creating an impact that is a treat for the ears. The play consists of a number of tracks that back the scenes throughout its three acts. The music for The Phantom of the Opera was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Unfortunately he died before the completion of his lyrical work for the musical. Charles Hart then took over to rewrite Andrew's compositions. He also incorporated the lyrical contribution of Richard Stilgoe into the compositions. Hence the lyrics of the songs can be termed as a team effort between Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe. The first song of the play is ‘Overture'. It is followed by ‘Think of Me' which highlights the voice intensity of Christine, who plays the part of an opera singer. The title duet track reveals the wide range of notes that Christine's voice can reach. ‘The Music of the Night', another popular number, emphasizes the strength in the voice of the lead character Phantom.

Plot and Characterization

From tragic to comical and from dominating to submissive, The Phantom of the Opera consists of a variety of interesting and unique characters. Each character has a well defined and productive role, thus taking the story further and carrying the interest element until the very last scene. The most significant character is that of Phantom. A music genius, he hides behind a mask because of his deformed face. He shares his knowledge and creative skills to help Christine Daae, who is an aspiring opera singer. The outside world however views Eric (Phantom) as a frightening ghost. The story takes a turn when the Phantom discovers Christine's likeness for someone else. The different emotions of rage, romance, despair, and seduction have been tackled marvelously. The beautifully written script does justice to the evolving character of Christine as she transforms from a shy and hard working opera singer to a strong and confident young woman. Her character's journey is as interesting as the development of her singing talents throughout the play.

New Production

Cameron Mackintosh has announced the latest production of this spectacular musical that will be presented under his banner, "Really Useful Group", which he formed with the late Andrew Lloyd Webber. The new production promises the audience fresh stage design and striking costumes by Maria Bjornson. The latest run is highly anticipated by fans as it also marks the show's 25th anniversary on Broadway.


Did You Know…

  1. The musical is one of the longest running shows in Broadway history with 3000 performances.
  2. Till now The Phantom of the Opera has bagged over 70 major awards.
  3. The musical has been produced in 30 countries all over the world with performances in 151 cities.
  4. The worldwide revenue sum of the musical is over $5.6 billion.
  5. The Phantom of the Opera is supported by a live orchestra with eighteen instruments