Peter Pan Tickets

One of the most amazing fairytales ever is the story of Peter Pan. The magical world of fairies, flying people and never aging boys is as fascinating to grownups as it is to kids. Now with the adaptation of the mesmerizing story into a ballet performance, ‘Peter Pan’ has become all the more irresistible. The most amazing feature of the story lies in its celebration of youth while understanding the complexities of aging. Peter Pan tickets are in high demand as theatre folks are excited to embark on this magical journey that keeps the performance invigorating from start till end.

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Peter Pan

Run Time:

2 Hours and 12 Minutes

Age Limit:

Suitable for all Ages

A complete Peter Pan experience with man eating crocodiles, playful meddling Tinker Bell, Captain Hook and Peter Pan himself is now being presented in a ballet performance. Accompanied by wonderful music, dancing and on-stage flights, the ballet tells in a grand manner the exceptional story of the lost boys who will never grow up. Theatre lovers and ballet fans are excited to see how the performers project the magical story live on stage. Mermaids, fairies and many more magical beings are all set to take the audiences into a world of magic and fantasies.

Peter Pan – The Beginning of the Fable

The story of a mischievous boy who never ages was produced by the novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie at the beginning of the twentieth century. The creation of the character was initially meant for adults, the story line was not exactly a fairy tale back then. Following the release of the novel, the story was adapted into several novels and plays and was republished and released under different titles as well. Now with the story being performed in ballet, it is all the more interesting to see this naughty, never-aging boy as a ballet dancer.

A Sneak-Peek at the Story

The story begins with four children of the Darling family left in the care of nursemaids. Although Wendy, Michael, John and Peter dread the nurses, they are happy because fairies regularly visit their nursery. Due to an unfortunate accident, Peter somehow goes missing from the family. One evening after their parents have left for a party and the three children have gone to sleep, Wendy dreams of being among the shadows. Her dream turns into a nightmare and she is mysteriously saved by a familiar shadow. As she wakes up, she sees a boy with strange appearance enter her room and introduce himself as Peter Pan.

Peter then takes all three children to Neverland where his own Lost Boys are impatiently waiting for him. He then tells them the interesting stories and dazzling adventures of visiting Wendy’s world. Later the same evening, the Neverland receives some evil guests. Captain Hook and his pirate crew come to capture one of the mermaids and as the events unfold, they come across Peter Pan and his friends. A battle follows but Wendy’s smartness and Peter’s bravery saves the day for all.

The detailed thrilling events remain a matter for the audiences to watch for themselves. Small wonder it is to see Peter Pan tickets being sold in such large numbers. Theatre fans are excited to watch the magical fable come live on stage.


More about Peter Pan

·         The notion of a boy who never grows up is based on the Barrie’s brother who died at the age of fourteen and hence never grew up.

·         The official Broadway show of Peter Pan has always had women in the lead role.

·         The gang of Peter Pan in Neverland is known as ‘The Lost Boys’.

·         The character of Peter Pan first appeared in the novel ‘The Little White Bird’.

·         The two fears of Captain Hook are the sight of his own blood and the sight of a crocodile which are very helpful to Peter in the fight against him.