Metropolitan Opera Tickets

Season 2014-15 is going to be especially exciting for the Metropolitan Opera as it will feature “Le Nozze di Figaro”, Richard Eyre’s new production. Eyre would be replacing Michael Grandage in this production. Opera aficionados can also expect to see Peter Mattei playing the role of Almaviva in Figaro. While that’s still a bit far away, the 2013-2014 season has yet to come, starting September 23. It will open with Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin”. As is the case with every Met Opera’s performance, this one is also going to be objectively amazing. The performances will last through May, inviting every classical music lover to come and enjoy these fantastic shows. 

Event Name: Metropolitan Opera

General Manager: Peter Gelb

Music Director: James Levine

There are people in the world with many different kinds of tastes. Organizers at the Metropolitan Opera have always taken this into consideration and therefore have welcomed diversity in the display of their productions. Because of Met Opera’s consistency in showing amazing performances, its excessive seating capacity never has a problem filling up nor does Metropolitan Opera tickets have any problem selling out.

Classical Magnificence of the Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera does not rely on only one genre of theatre. It hosts a wide range of successful productions from all over the world. May it be the baroque from 18th Century, Bel canto from the 19th Century or 20th Century Minimalism, everything is included in Met’s repertoire. The style with which different productions are presented adds a lot to the opera’s success. Complimenting each show is elaborate décor ranging from traditional to modern designs.

Also, being in one place does not stop Met Opera from taking its productions to other parts of the country and the world. Moving beyond the boundaries of New York’s opera house, the company has taken advantage of technology to reach out to a wider audience. Live satellite radio, internet broadcasts and high definition videos takes Met’s wonderful productions to theaters world over. The company holds the honor of being the first one to go global with its productions. In 2011, three million people watched the HD screenings of Met’s productions in theaters around the world. This number has been increasing gradually ever since.    

Productions at Met Opera

Every year, around 27 different operas are presented here in a single season. Each one is unique in its own respect, adding to the already rich history of the company. The operas presented here works on a schedule of rotating repertory; four different works are staged each week with around seven performances each. The schedule features several new performances with a handful of them revivals of previous years’ productions.   

Talent at the Met

Being the largest classic music company in the North American region, the Met naturally has the best performing company consisting of a huge symphony-sized orchestra, children’s choir, a chorus and a whole lot of leading and supporting solo singers. These singers are both from America and outside. In fact, a number of artists employed at the Met have developed their careers through the young artists programs of the Met. The company also employs freelance musicians, actors and dancers throughout the season.  

Metropolitan Opera House

Metropolitan Opera House is a part of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts – a magnificent concert hall situated on Broadway in Manhattan, NYC. The venue opened as a replacement of the former Metropolitan Opera House to play home to Metropolitan Opera. With a 3800 seating capacity and an additional standing room for 195, the venue has a splendid architecture and state-of-the-art interior providing perfect acoustics and every luxury that an opera house can offer.



More about Met Opera

  1. This classical music organization is the largest in North America.
  2. In addition to Lincoln Center, there is also a Metropolitan Opera House in Broadway and Philadelphia.
  3. A season of Met Opera starts in late September and lasts through May the next year.
  4. Performances at the Met Opera start on Mondays, ending with a matinee on Saturdays.
  5. 2012-13 season featured 28 performances comprising of 209 performances.