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The newest musical to take the theater world by storm, Matilda is based on Roald Dahl's novel of the same name. Matilda The Musical was first staged in UK where it gathered major acclaim for it's West End production. The production went on to set a record for winning seven Laurence Olivier Awards, a first for one show. Replicating the UK success, the US production has proved to be a roaring success as well. The show is still running to packed houses with Matilda the Musical tickets selling fast.


“Matilda” is one of those stories that never get old. The amusing story written by Roald Dahl deserved to be brought to life and has been done so very skillfully. Shaping the inspiring story of a smart young girl and childhood rebellion into a musical, Broadway has created a new sensation, Matilda-The Musical. Today it is being appreciated and shown at many theaters. Matilda has been termed by Chicago Tribune as “The best family musical in years,” and has won 47 international awards. The musical is still showing to packed houses in West End in the UK as well as on the Broadway in the US.


Matilda The Musical

Music and Lyrics:

Tim Minchin

Popular Songs:


The Chokey Chant

The Smell of Rebellion

When I Grow Up


Matilda- The Musical (RSC and Broadway Production)

Popular Songs



This Little Girl

When I Grow Up

Awards and Honors

Five Tony Awards

Eight Tony Award Nominations

Four Theater Awards

Seven Olivier Awards

Five Olivier Awards Nominations

A strong creative team, talented cast, wonderful music and above all, a heart-warming story; Matilda the Musical has all the elements of a Broadway blockbuster. This captivating musical has already proved its mettle by grabbing multiple Tony and Drama Desk Awards. The amazing sales figures of further establish its superiority in the world of theater. If you have not watched this masterpiece by Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly inspired by Roald Dahl's children book then waste no time and make a plan to catch it in a theater near you.

The Plot:

The musical tells the story of a little girl, Matilda who possessing extraordinary talents can read at the young age of five. At home she is shunned by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood. In contrast to Matilda, her parents are more interested in watching TV and do their utmost to discourage her from reading. Problems for the little girl don't stop there. She is given a hard time at school as well by the tyrannical head teacher Miss Trunchbull. But help is at hand in the shape of the school teacher Miss Honey and Matilda's school friends. Together they try to solve the problems and help each other.

This dancing and singing extravaganza telling the story of the little girl covers the themes of bullying, suffering, empowerment and revenge. A combination of great story, tuneful music and impressive dancing, the musical has proved to be a crowd pleaser. It has received rave reviews and is highly recommended for great family entertainment.

Production History:

Premier of the musical was held in December 2010 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Right away, it captivated the audiences and the show was repeatedly sold out. Soon the musical made its West End debut in 2011 at the Cambridge Theatre. The West End production was also widely lauded by both critics and audiences. Impressively it went on to win five different awards in the ‘Best Musical' category.

With some modifications the musical was opened on Broadway in April 2013. The opening night saw the production getting a standing ovation. This was just the start of the great reception that the musical received in the US as well. Reviews by Time Magazine, Huffington Post, The New York Times and many more publications have hailed the musical as a major creative and theatrical success.

Within a few months of opening the production went on to win several awards. Awards won by the production include Drama Desk Award, Theatre World Award, Outer Critics Circle Awards and New York Drama Critics' Circle. Recently the production has also won four prestigious Tony Awards.

Creative Team:

Matilda the Musical boasts of many notable names. Book for the musical has been written by award winning writer Dennis Kelly. The production has especially been praised for its catchy lyrics which have been written by the renowned artist Tim Minchin. Part of the production's appeal lies in its superb choreography, which has been done by none other than Peter Darling. The renowned artist known for his multiple award winning choreography for Billy Elliot has worked his magic again. Worth mentioning is the impressive lighting by Hugh Vanstone which has won a Tony Award for the musical. Not to forget the awe inspiring special affects which are the work of Paul Kieve. A renowned name, the illusionist has previously won a Drama Desk Award for the Broadway production of Ghost the Musical.


The Tony Award winning musical revolves around the eventful story of a five year old girl. Facing hurdles at home and at school, Matilda boldly decides to take matters in her hands and carve her own way in life. It leads to many interesting turns where her teacher's life also changes for the better.

‘Matilda', Then and Now

Royal Shakespeare Company premiered Matilda in Stratford in 2010, where it continued to capture the attention and imagination of children and adults alike. The play kept running for twelve weeks straight, and then moved to the Cambridge Theater, where it still continues to entertain packed houses. Now the genius creation of Roald Dahl is being shown on Broadway. The captivating masterpiece is gaining as much critical acclaim and public appreciation as a Broadway production as it did with the RSC.


"Matilda Wormwood" is born to a ballroom-dancing obsessed TV addict mother, who is more worried about missing a dancing show than her new born beautiful baby. Her father, a devious used-car salesman father immediately disavows Matilda because he wanted a son. The rejected Matilda finds peace in reading. Her natural ability to read books at such a tender age shows her intellect but her parents fail to recognize it and even ridicule her for being lost in the books. Matilda being a bright girl decides to set things right for herself.  There are some fun moments in the musical when the mischievous side of Matilda is revealed. For instance, an amusing prank leads Matilda to mix her mother's hydrogen peroxide to her father's hair oil, which leads him to have bright green hair.
When Matilda joins school she finds an alien world waiting for her. The eccentric and interesting characters of her teachers and the inflexible and strict principal pose more challenges for her. Matilda and her fellows sing along as the story progresses, sharing their own experience with the audiences, taking the story forward. Another major character in the story is of Mrs. Phelps, the librarian at the library where Matilda regularly goes. The beautifully written lyrics and incredible music given by Tim Minchin make it an extraordinary piece of art, enjoyed by children and elders alike.

The Thinking Heads

Matilda is based on the classic children's book written by Roald Dahl. This heartwarming story depicting early childhood struggles of a smart young girl is directed by Matthew Warchus and choreographed by Peter Darling. The lyrics and music are the same as given by the original creator Tim Minchin.  Rob Howell is responsible for the design of the play, while musical supervision and orchestration is taken care of by Christopher Nightingale. Simon Baker is providing the sound and Paul Kieve has the task of providing the much needed special effects. All these talented professionals are working together to make the play absolutely amazing.

Did You Know?

  1. The musical has won 47 international Awards so far.
  2. Character of the tyrannical head teacher Miss Trunchbull has actually been played by a male actor in the premier, West End and Broadway productions.
  3. Matilda The Musical has been mentioned in Guinness Book of World Records for winning a record breaking seven Laurence Olivier Awards.
  4. The Broadway production uses a live thirteen-member orchestra.
  5. The songs ‘Naughty' and ‘When I Grow Up' from the musical score have been performed for the British Queen.


Some Interesting Facts

  1. The London production of Matilda has won a record-breaking Seven Olivier Awards, only in 2012.
  2. The show has won forty-seven international awards so far, and still continues to enthrall the audiences.
  3. The Times Magazine calls Matilda, “The best musical since The Lion King”.
  4. Matilda recently had its hundredth performance and rages on, with prospects of premiering in Australia in 2015.
  5. Tim Minchin has also hinted at the possibility of another film adaptation of the play in a couple of years' time.