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Gravity-defying aerial acts, breathtaking water-dance sequences and artistic athletics draw some of the boundaries of this dream world - Le Reve. With its masterful design and brilliant presentation, the show takes aquatic theater to a new dimension of fascination. Highly talented and dynamic performers strike the wonderful balance between agility and strength. All in all, the show is a complete sensory experience that is not easy to forget. The show is performed at its home venue, Wynn Las Vegas and welcomes you to a land of mystery, water and intimacy.

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Event: Le Reve

Duration: 90 Minutes

Venue: Wynn Las Vegas

Le Reve- A Dream Came True

Conceptualized by the highly imaginative Franco Dragone, this high-flying production came to life in 2005 at the Wynn Las Vegas arena. Since then, the show is its regular production and is presented with different modifications and amendments. These timely changes energize the spirit of the show and make it a refreshing experience for the regular visitors.


Dragone the Creative Force

Franco Dragone came up with the concept of this magnificent show. His abilities mixed with his team’s expertise marked a new shift in theater-style live shows. Dragone is a multiple award winning and revered name in live entertainment around the world and is most famous for introducing various Cirque du Soleil shows.


Besides this, his notable international productions include The House of Dancing Water, A New Day and KDO! His profound vision and artisanship led a perfect team that face-lifted the musical and cirque theater. For his inventive concept and execution of the shows, Dragone has won one Los Angeles Critics’ and two Obie Awards.


About the Venue

The grand Wynn Las Vegas is a multifaceted facility that offers a wide range of recreational services to its visitors. Wynn has the charm of the nightclub life and at the same time offers relaxation through its spas and resort. There is also fine-dining to satisfy your hunger and rooms to provide you comfort. In short, it’s the ideal location to share some wonderful moments with your beloveds.


An exquisite site for live performances, Wynn is home to the fanciful Le Reve and holds its regular shows. The venue currently owns the rights of the show with Franco Dragone still on board as its creator.



Inspired from its origin (The Dream), Le Reve features world-class professionals who take their audiences along on an adventurous journey. Aesthetically rich and technically sound, the show plays with colors, lights, enticing music, dance and water. From soaring aerials to deep-diving routines, La Reve remarkably includes what an aquatic musical theater should have. With its alluring arrangement and plot, it speaks to unspoken fantasies and dreams.


Attractive backdrops, captivating music, stunning dance routines, underwater tango, water ballet and flexible stage are some of the features that don’t let the attendees wander off the show. The sharpness and vibrancy of the performers keeps the audiences involved during this 90-minute magical ride. All these elements put together as pieces, complete this beautiful picture that has something meaningful for everyone.


Step into the Fantasy

With a number of shows lined up this season, Wynn invites you to experience this spectacular entertainment. Enter a land where dreams become reality and fantasies come to life. Having Le Reve tickets promise nothing but a thrilling journey filled with excitement, muse and beauty. So let your senses take a flight and explore the hidden wonders while you chase your dreams!

More to Know…

  1. Le Reve is presented in an auditorium that can hold up to one million gallons of water.
  2. Almost 1500 professionals auditioned for Le Reve out of which 80 were selected.
  3. The furthest seat is only 12 meters away from the stage to ensure that every attendee enjoys intimacy of the show.
  4. Dragone is also honored with the highest distinction of Insignia of the National Order of Quebec.
  5. The costume designer Claude Renard designed more than 1250 costume proposals.