Joffrey Ballet Tickets

The Joffrey Ballet is a professional dance and ballet company which is based in Chicago, Illinois. One of the most renowned and famous ballet companies in the world, Joffrey Ballet has been a pioneering force in the dancing and performing arts industry. The company strives to achieve high standards of excellence that people expect from them and they do not disappoint. Buy Joffrey Ballet tickets now to get a chance to watch this famous company perform live and enjoy an entertaining evening filled with beautiful dancing, wonderful music and artistic genius.


Joffrey Ballet

Founded By:

Gerald Arpino and Robert Joffrey

Famous Works:

The Nut Cracker, Trinity, Parade

Initially based in New York, the company was set up in 1956. Founded initially as a touring company, it continued to build a name for itself in dancing circles and slowly established itself as the premier dancing company in America. The company remained based in New York till 1995, then it moved to Chicago and took up permanent residence in the Joffrey Tower. The company’s main performing season is from October to May, where it usually performs at the Auditorium Theater.

Creative Team:

The company was founded by Gerald Arpino and Robert Joffrey. While they were both the chief choreographers of the company, Robert Joffrey was the artistic director of the ballet. He retained this position until his death in 1988, after which he was succeeded by Arpino. Both the choreographers were famous for their bold work and innovative ideas of mixing the classics with the contemporary.

Prior to the death of Arpino, Ashley Wheater became the third artistic director of the company in 2007. Wheater joined the company as a dancer in 1985 at Arpino’s invitation and spent four years with the ballet. Since becoming the director, he has worked passionately to maintain high standards expected of the company. By inviting world renowned choreographers and fresh young talent, he has infused new life into the dancing repertoire of the company.

“America’s Company of Firsts”:

There is a reason the Joffrey Ballet is considered a pioneering force in its field. The company was the first of its kind to accomplish many things. It was the first dance company to perform at the White House, where they were specially invited by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. They were also the first American dance company to tour Russia in 1963, which they were able to do with monetary support from the famous Rebekah Harkness.

The company was the first of its kind to appear on television, at a time when such a notion was not thought possible. They were also the first dance company to experiment with different genres of music and produce the first rock ‘n’ roll ballet. On March 15 1968, the Joffrey Ballet became the first and only dance company in the world to appear on the cover of TIME magazine. In 2003, the Roger Altman directed film, The Company was based entirely on the Joffrey Ballet, making it the first dance company to have a whole film dedicated to it. These accomplishments speak tons about the prestige and regard that the company is held in.


The Joffrey ballet tries to incorporate an “American” style to its dance.  The style includes not only tradition ballet, but also a wide range of other dancing techniques like jazz, contemporary and hip hop etc. This philosophy is evident by the curriculum of the “Joffrey Ballet School” which aims to produce “well-rounded, versatile artists that will thrive in today’s dance environment.”

So the audience can expect a lot more than classical ballet, in a Joffrey performance, since their dancers are trained in all types of dance. The company is committed to artistic innovation and excellence and its repertoire includes the classics as well as cutting edge contemporary work. So buy Joffrey Ballet tickets and enjoy their world class recitals and performances live.


Interesting Facts:

  1. Among the many prolific choreographers who have worked with the Joffrey, Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, George Balanchine stand out.
  2. The Joffrey Tower in Chicago stands at the site of the famous Chicago Masonic Temple.
  3. The Joffrey Ballet can be seen performing in the 2001 hit motion picture “Save the Last Dance”.
  4. The 2003 film “The Company” featured actual stories from the members and staff of Joffrey Ballet.
  5. The Nutcracker” has been performed annually every December since its opening. It celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2012.