Disney On Ice

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With eight productions being performed in sixty countries in six continents, is a widely famous and world renowned children show. Each year touring shows are performed in North America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. The unique and spectacular shows featuring famous Disney characters and ice-skating experiences create magical moments for five million guests every year.


Disney on Ice

Most popular shows:

World of Fantasy, Dare to Dream, Lets Party!, Treasure Trove

Longest Running Shows:

Passport to Adventure - 100 Years of Magic - Beauty and the Beast - Princess Classics - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Produced by Feld Entertainment under the agreement with The Walt Disney Company, Disney on Ice is a series of touring ice shows. The show is aimed primarily at children and features figure skaters dressed as Disney characters. The music, plot and storyline of these shows are derived from various Disney movies. The show is hosted by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and Chip ‘n Dale.

Production History:

The production of Disney on ice began in 1981 with the name Walt Disney's World on Ice. In 1988, the name was changed to Disney on Ice. At any given time Disney on Ice runs eight productions and the shows are being played all around the world. New shows are introduced from time to time replacing the old ones. Disney on Ice has been played in America, Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Disney on Ice shows:

Passport to Adventure is the longest running show of Disney on Ice, being played for eighteen years now. The show opened on 1995 and then became Disney Classics. It tells the story of Mickey and Minnie and their adventure in Africa, Hawai, Never Land and under the sea. 100 Years of Magic is being played for fourteen years which features more than 65 Disney characters including characters from Lilo & Stitch, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Other longest running shows include Beauty and the Beast which was played for fourteen years, Princess Classics played for nine years and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs played for seven years. Some other popular Disney shows include Let's Party!, a compilation show billed as "one big colossal party on ice". It features winter wonderland, a Halloween haunt with Jack Skellington, a royal ball with Disney Princesses and many festivals all around the world. Another popular show Dare to Dream features stories from Tangled, The Princess and the Frog and Cinderella.

What should you expect?

Disney on Ice is a widely popular magical music celebration that brings famous Disney characters to life with the artistry of ice skating creating a memorable experience. Bring your kids and your loved ones to experience the excitement and energy of the show. Disney on Ice is ready to take you on a Whirlwind tour of Classic and contemporary Disney Tales. Experience the magical world of Ariel under the sea, mystical land of Pixie Hollow of Tinker Bell, auto-racing terrain of cars, ball-room of Princes and Princesses, adventures of Snow White, Tiana, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine in this action-packed ice spectacular. The lighting, costumes and choreography everything includes diversity and versatility providing a truly unparalleled family entertainment. In this happy magical world, there is something for everyone.


Five reasons to watch Disney on Ice:

  • Disney on Ice travels to more than sixty countries every year.
  • Disney on Ice gives more than 1,200 performances in North America annually.
  • Disney on Ice's choreographer Sarah Kawahara has won an Emmy Award for best choreography.
  • Disney on Ice is a world of wonder where Princess and Heroes are presented and love prevails.
  • Disney on Ice showcases breathtaking skating and high flying acrobatics.