Cirque Dreams Tickets

As Cirque Dreams gets around to celebrating two decades of its spectacular legacy, this is the time for the people running the show, its performers and fans to savor what has been an incredible journey. It has been one wonderful ride that has provided entertainment for not hundreds, not thousands but millions around the globe. The shows it has put on stage and the way each and every single one of them has been produced is what makes them so special. The latest year of festivities is now underway and this is your chance to join in on the fun and make some memories.


Cirque Dreams


Performing Arts

Year of Inception:


For the last two decades, Cirque Dreams and its team have put on stage all that is so great about the entertainment business. What began as a small platform to showcase and promote performing arts has now gone on to become one the most famous entertainment entities in the world today. This wonderful show is all set to start its third decade, one that should lead them to new heights. The celebrations are well and truly underway and fans are buying Cirque Dreams tickets in thousands to join in on the fun.

The Creator

Cirque Dreams was incepted in the year 1993 but it traces its roots back to what inspired its creator Neil Goldberg to become a show producer in the first place. Neil was just six years old when he went to Broadway with his parents to watch “The Miracle Worker”. He enjoyed the show but what in reality captured his imagination were the sets and their movement. It was that creative aspect that got him hooked to this side of performing arts.

The Formation of Cirque Dreams

After getting his degree in theater, Neil stepped foot in the world of performing arts to realize his dream. He needed a platform to make it all work. That was necessary to produce the kind of shows he wanted to. So that led to the formation of Cirque Productions which is also known as Cirque Dreams.  It didn’t take too long for its shows and performances to make their mark. It got fans and critics raving about it and that in turn put it under the spotlight. There hasn’t been any looking back since.

The Cirque Dreams Shows

As its popularity soared, the number of shows the company began to produce increased as well. These shows have played a big part in transforming the way masses relate to theater and circus. That has been the case ever since Cirque Dreams made its debut and the current season will not be any different. The Cirque franchise includes epic productions like Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, Cirque Dreams Holidaze, Cirque Dreams Illumination, Cirque Dreams & Dinner, Cirque Dreams Pandemonia and Cirque Dreams Coobrilla. These magnificent productions have gone on to show entertainment of a different class altogether. All that the Cirque Dreams lineup stands for has enabled its management to turn it into the form of a world tour as well that goes by the title of Cirque Dreams World Tour. The idea was to take these wonderful shows to the U.S troops stationed in different countries around the world. Cirque Dreams is on its way to you now with another season of spellbinding performances. Join the festivities and turn your evening into one that you will remember for a long time to come.


Did You Know?

  • Cirque Dreams productions have been viewed by over fifty million people.
  • All costumes are manufactured by the organization itself.
  • They have artists from around ten different countries.
  • They will tour in the form of two companies with a total of one hundred and fifty artists.
  • Their home, the Dream Studios, have produced a whopping ten thousand award winning costumes for their shows.