Celtic Thunder Tickets

Celtic Thunder is an Irish band which is famous for its PBS special, and for the wide range of genres it has adopted and performed in. Ranging from folk to soft rock and Broadway style songs, it is unique in the sense that it comprises soloists, who perform both solo and ensemble numbers.  The group is famous for its live shows which employ a wide array of special effects like dramatic lightening along with special choreography and elaborate stage designs to gain their desired effect. The band has released nine studio albums along with eight live performances DVD’s, all of which have done reasonably well on the market. The group is currently touring all over the country and you can buy to catch them live in concert.


Celtic Thunder


Folk, soft rock, adult contemporary, world music

Musical Style:

Ensemble, vocal solos

The group has recently released its twelfth album and ninth concert DVD titled Mythology. To promote the album, the band will extensively tour all over North America and later end their tour in Australia and Tasmania.


Celtic Thunder was created by producer Sharon Browne who teamed up with legendary composer Phil Coulter to audition singers from all over Ireland and Scotland to form a musical group. After selecting the singers, a comprehensive set list was determined for the new group.

Celtic Thunder made their debut in 2007 at The Helix in Dublin, Ireland. The initial lineup featured Paul Byrom, George Donaldson, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly and Damian McGinty. The debut performance was a celebration of Celtic heritage and Celtic men, a chord which struck with the audience members, and Celtic Thunder had the perfect launching pad.


Following their formation in 2007, the group released its eponymous first album/DVD in 2008. It was a success, leading to more creative outpouring of work. In 2009, the band was named by Billboard magazine as Top World Album Artist. The group’s first three albums were also placed highly in the Top 10 for World Albums. 2009 also saw the group performing all over America, including a special show at the White House, where they performed for President Obama and Michelle Obama. The group performed at the Pentagon in 2012.

As of 2013, the band has released twelve albums, the majority of which have been critically acclaimed. The band has also toured extensively over their native Ireland as well as carrying out multiple nationwide tours of the United States.

Musical Style:

The band covers a wide array of musical genres, ranging from folk, adult contemporary, soft rock, to Broadway. They are usually accompanied by the Celtic Concert Orchestra, under the artistic direction of Phil Coulter. From amazing rousing ensembles, to vocal solos, showcasing every member’s vocal abilities and style, Celtic Thunder has powerful ballads, heartwarming love songs and popular hits in its repertoire.

The band’s music has prominent Celtic and Irish undertones, which is further highlighted by their live shows. The sets are designed to include elements of Celtic culture, like an ancient stone pathway. Their live shows also stand out due to the group’s focus on choreography, special lightening and other special effects.

So a concert by the Celtic Thunder is an amazing all round experience, featuring a brilliant live show, complimented by brilliant music and exceptional vocal performances.


Interesting Facts:

  • In 2011, the Celtic Thunder’s youngest member, Damian McGinty, entered and won the reality television show The Glee Project.
  • During the group’s 2008 fall tour, they sold over 125, 000 tickets in forty nine shows.
  • Celtic Thunder fans continuously kept requesting the band that they produce a Christmas album and an album which had more Irish music. The band released Christmas and Heritage as a result.
  • The group’s seventh studio album, Storm, was not just a covert DVD but had a proper storyline with costumes and locations to establish the singers’ stories.
  • There was an earlier band that had the name “Celtic Thunder” and played its earliest show in 1977. The band is now called the Original Celtic Thunder.