Carmen Tickets

The highly acclaimed French opera, Carmen has fascinated generations after generations of opera enthusiasts since its inception. The four act opera was produced by the composer George Bizet in 1875. Since then the opera has been staged around the world and continues to enjoy a cult status. This season, the heart wrenching tale of love, betrayal and seduction will once again be staged at Virginia Beach’s Sandler Center for the Performing Arts by the celebrated opera company Virginia Opera.






Virginia Opera


Early Years

Based on Prosper Merimee’s eponymous novella, the opera was written by Ludovic Halevy and Henri Melihac. The show was first staged in March 1875 at Paris’s Opera Comique. It initially ran for just thirty six performances and faced severe criticism for its controversial themes. Even though it broke new ground in French opera by depicting tragic deaths, themes of lawlessness and immortality as well as proletarian life, the French audience failed to realize the opera’s true potential. However, after the show started gaining significant popularity outside of France, the show was revived in Paris in 1883 thereafter acquiring much deserved fame and reputation worldwide.


The show indulges in the story of a young soldier Jose, who falls for a seductive Gypsy, Carmen. Jose abandons his military responsibilities and leaves his childhood sweetheart after being seduced in love by Carmen. However, Carmen moves on to her next lover, the glamorous Toreador Escamilla, sending Jose into a jealous rage that results in severe consequences for everyone.

Virginia Opera

The upcoming production of George Bizet’s famed opera will be staged by the distinguished Virginia Opera. Named the official ‘Opera Company of the Commonwealth of Virginia’, the Virginia Opera was established by a group of volunteers in 1974. The company staged its first production in 1975 and has since then produced award winning works around the country. The company has become known for its several outreach and educational programs, dramatic and musical integrity as well as representation of young and emerging artists.

The Live Show

Carmen’s music has been praised by several critics as one of the few works that have stood the ‘test of time’. The opera’s immortality has been subjected to its mix of flawlessly judged orchestration, dexterous harmony and remarkable melody. The show takes the audiences on a hypnotic musical journey that leaves them spellbound. The depiction of highly emotional themes of sexual passion and jealousy makes Carmen a classic in its own right. Every season, thousand of opera-goers try to get hands on Carmen tickets. This season, Virginia Opera’s take on the celebrated opera will surely be an experience not to be missed. So make sure to witness this spectacular piece of theatre live for a memorable evening.



Did You Know

  • Before the conclusion of the opera’s initial run, George Bizet died suddenly and did not live to see the success of his work.
  • The Toreador‘s song from the second act, ‘Votre Toast’ has become one of the best known operatic arias.
  • Virginia Opera has collaborated with several renowned musicians such as Thomas Rolf, Barbara Dever and Luciano Pavarotti.
  • World and American premieres of operas such as A Christmas Carol, Mary and Rappahannock County have all been staged by Virginia Opera.
  • Over seventy films including forty silent features have been based on Carmen.