Avenue Q Tickets

Consisting of three human characters and eleven puppet characters that are depicted as humans, the play “Avenue Q” is truly a show stuck somewhere between reality and fantasy. The presence of puppets might give off the impression that the play is intended for kids but the subject matter, incorporated issues and the performance itself is definitely for grownups or at least for those on the cusp of adulthood. The Tony Award winning musical divided into two acts addresses the issues of racism, pornography and homosexuality in a rather satirical manner. Avenue Q tickets are being bought by all those who want to listen and enjoy such topics.


Avenue Q

Run Time

2 hours 15 minutes

Awards and Honors:

3 Tony Awards

Theatre World Awards

Further blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, the Avenue Q puppet star Rod who married his puppet boyfriend Ricky the same day same-sex marriages became legal in New York, has been invited to a real life same-sex wedding in Mississippi. Rod could not attend the wedding because of his obligations to perform the show, which is now in its tenth year in New York. Avenue Q became an overnight sensation when it premiered in 2003, and ten years down the line it still retains its outstanding popularity.


Avenue Q is the story of a bright-eyed, ambitious young man named Princeton, who comes to New York City searching to fulfill his dreams. The college grad finds that the only neighborhood within his range is Avenue Q, where he finds the dwellers and nice and accommodating. He meets an out-of-work comedian Brian and his therapist fiancée Christmas Eve. Then there is Nicky who is a very kind-hearted slacker and his roommate Rod who is a Republican investment banker but appears to carry some secret with him. Princeton also makes friends with Trekkie Monster who is an internet addict and an adorable Kindergarten teaching assistant Kate. The surprising part of the characters’ line up, however, is the fact that the building in which all of these personalities live is administered by Gary Coleman! The story then progresses when Princeton and his new friends in the new city strive to find jobs, dates and pursue their dreams which are ever-elusive.

Working Minds behind the Musical

The seemingly effortless performances that enthrall and awe the audiences have many minds and ideas behind them, working tirelessly to ensure an impeccable show on stage. The music and lyrics which are the major crux of the play are given by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez. Jeff Whitty is the person behind the book that has given the storyline and plot. The concept was conceived and communicated by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez as well, while the musical is directed by Jason Moore. The idea of puppets was provided by Rick Lyon who is also responsible for designing them. Musical supervision is done by Stephen Oremus, choreography is by Ken Roberson and costumes are designed by Mirena Rada. Other departments are handled by Anna Louizos and Howell Binkley.

The Experience

The winner of three Tony Awards, including one for Best Musical, the ‘Avenue Q’ is a side-splitting and touching tale of young men and women- puppets and people alike- who live like neighbors on a street in New York. All of the characters are on their respective journeys to find their dreams and purpose in life. The basic story line is more of a biographical and autobiographical account as provided by Marx and Lopez. The main idea behind the story is young inexperienced adults facing complicated real-world problems with uncertain outcomes. The theme is so familiar and heartfelt that audiences cannot help but relate at least one of the characters with their own lives. This makes the experience of the play all the more interesting, particularly because the story still remains unpredictable despite such a familiar theme.

The Avenue Q specific

However, the most striking feature of the Avenue Q is not the incredible story or amazing theme. It is the projection of story on stage. Presented in quasi-fantasy settings, puppets and people interact, sing, dance and move about so casually that audiences seem to forget that puppets are not actual beings. The puppeteers who are operating the puppets are present on stage, unconcealed, in full view of the audience. But as to the storyline they remain invisible. The beauty of the story is such that audiences indeed ignore the puppeteers and that is when puppets truly assume a life of their own.

The Avenue Q tickets are in high demand as this musical is a new experience even for the greatest theatre lovers. The play has been fascinating and entertaining for theatre goers for more than a decade now, and considering the uniqueness that it still possesses, there is no sign that its charm will fade anytime soon.

Some Interesting Bits…

  1. The musical was originally created as a television series.
  2. The contrast between childhood and adulthood is made even more prominent by using puppets like those in the Sesame Street.
  3. Even after the Death of Gary Coleman, his character remains in the show with slight dialogue modification.
  4. Princeton sings a song, titled “What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?”
  5. Single-rod, double-rod and live-hand puppets are used in the Musical.