American Ballet Theatre Tickets

American Ballet Theatre, with its high levels of professionalism, virtuosity and eclecticism, continues to revitalize the essence of classical ballet in the country. With its rich tradition of more than seven decades, the company is among the very few ballet houses to represent American ballet at several international platforms across the world. Kicking off its annual season at the Metropolitan Opera House, American Ballet Theatre will be presenting a number of classic and fresh routines. Be a part of one of the company’s upcoming concerts to experience some of the most refined ballet works.

Event: American Ballet Theatre

Formation: 1939

Current Artistic Director: Kevin McKenzie 

Emergence and History

The formation of the company took place after the mid-30s as collaboration between Richard Pleasant, Mikhail Mordkin and some of his students. Calling it a ‘live museum of dance’, Mordkin produced a number of famous ballet works along with his student and a prima ballerina, Lucia Chase. In 1939, the company was officially named as the American Ballet Theatre and it toured around the states to present its shows.

In 1940, Lucia Chase and Oliver Smith became the artistic directors of the company. American Ballet Theatre emerged as a multi-wing facility where American, British and Russian forms were included. With their vision and dedication, Chase and Smith enriched the company’s repertoire with multiple classical and modern forms of ballets. Despite the financial issues, the duo made the company one of the most reputable ballet houses of the country with prominent international existence. During their tenure, numerous fine works such as Apollo, The Sleeping Beauty, Les Sylphides, Giselle and Swan Lake were presented to commercial and critical acclaim.

Mikhail Baryshnikov was appointed as the new artistic director of American Ballet Theatre in 1980. Under his leadership, a variety of classical works were refurbished and new routines were added in the company’s performing catalogue. With a decade of services, Baryshnikov strengthened the company’s standing and pushed it to new levels of fame. Oliver Smith and Jane Hermann held the office for almost three years until one of the former principal dancers of the company, Kevin McKenzie succeeded as the new artistic director. From 1993 to date, McKenzie guides the company with his unparalleled vision and artistry.

American Ballet Theatre – Today

Utmost passion, commitment and innovation are the values that guide American Ballet Theatre through its endeavors and put it on an ongoing path of success and acclaim. With its vast collection of beautifully crafted dance pieces, the company ignites the spirit in all kinds of ballet lovers; young and old, beginners and professionals. Today, with its trained ballerinas, multiple facilities and programs, American Ballet Theatre is one of its kinds in terms of size, stature, scope and outreach.

Popular Works

Over the years of its course, American Ballet Theatre has interpreted many of the classic ballet works in its own style. The company is also credited for introducing numerous new works with the help of its world-class ballerinas. Some of the notable productions by the company include Classic Spectacular, Coppelia, Don Quixote, Manon, La Bayadere and Bach Partita and are performed whenever the company begins its annual tour.

Annual Season and Tour

American Ballet Theatre presents its powerful routines during the eight-week annual season at the Metropolitan Opera House besides touring around the world for rest of the year. For the current season, the company will be presenting special holiday productions such The Nutcracker and a variety of other ballet routines. American Ballet Theatre tickets are selling fast as the company is approaching its annual season. Enjoy some of the nifty and innovative ballet works by attending one of the company’s concerts in your own New York City.


Did You Know…

  • American Ballet Theatre entertains almost 600, 000 nationals during its annual tour.
  • Throughout its existence, the company has visited 136 cities in 43 different countries.
  • American Ballet Theatre is one of the few companies to perform in all states of America.
  • In 2006, it came to be known as ‘America’s National Ballet Company’ by the US Congress.
  • In 2004, American Ballet Theatre became the parent company of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School.