Absinthe Tickets

Critically acclaimed as an acro-cabaret show, Absinthe is a spectacular blend of chills and thrills. The wild acts featured in this theater presentation comprise of astounding feats of virtuosity and amazing strength and balance.  Spectators are treated with a show which tickles the imagination with performances that are inspirational and amazing. The fact that all these eccentricities happen within a few feats of audience makes it all the more enjoyable. The show has become a hit since it became a resident at Caesar’s Palace with Absinthe tickets selling in large numbers for every show. From the outside, the venue of the show is a simple structure but only the one who gets to go inside know what exotic and erotic surprises it holds.

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Show Time:

90 minutes


Contemporary Circus

The Glamorous Variety Show

Las Vegas is the Capital of Entertainment not only because of its night life and casinos. It also hosts many fantastic theater shows which play an equal part in contributing to its glamour and attractions. One such theatre spectacle is Absinthe, a variety show which has gone on to become one of the best things on the Strip. 

Absinthe’s Beginnings and Development

Absinthe premiered in 2006 and became a resident show in Las Vegas in April 2011 after a successful run in Manhattan. It started playing at Caesars Palace on its forecourt. The Gazillionaire is the show’s host and is played by Voki Kalfayan. Kalfayan is assisted by Anais Thomassian performing as Penny Pibbets.

The show’s creative team comprises of Wayne Harrison who is the writer and director, Ross Mollison the producer and Lucas Newland the choreographer. Together the cast and crew make up a wonderful team and that is the main reason behind the show’s success. 

Acts in the Show

The ringleader of the show is the Gazillionaire who is a provocative character. He has a bizarre appearance which goes well with his equally absurd personality. He interacts with the crowd with his uninhabited commentary but audience laughs it off. The Gazillionaire has a quirky assistant named Penny who contributes to his crass commentary and together the two introduce the next act.

The lineup of acts in Absinthe is diverse, unique and awe-inspiring. There is “The Green Fairy”, a tight-rope walking act by three men and an aerialist act by a man and a woman to name a few. Apart from these, there are various other acts, ranging from seductive to playful, where artists present incredible feats.

The Absinthe Experience

Critics and theater patrons speak highly of the show since its start. One review given in the Huffington Post stated: “If you see one show in your entire life, make it Absinthe”. The show was also proclaimed by Vegas Seven Magazine as the “Best New Show” in 2011. Absinthe is the kind of show which presents a mix of all that is good about theater, designed for people who can take in the raunchy elements with a laugh. There is comedy, mesmerizing acts, outlandish performances and old world burlesque.

All the brilliant performances happen in close proximity to the audience, an in-the-round seating, which is another reason why the show is immensely popular among theatre patrons. A trip to Vegas and more importantly, a visit to Caesar’s Palace is incomplete without watching this marvelous show. This wonderful entertainment opportunity comes at a price of just a few Absinthe tickets. 


Interesting Facts about Absinthe

  • According to the Las Vegas Sun, Absinthe is “the most inventive and daring show to open on the strip in years”.
  • As a celebration of Absinthe’s 1000th performance, the cast came dressed up as zombies at the end of the show.
  • Voki Kalfayan, the host of the show, was the clown in Cirque du Soleil.
  • Angel Porrino is a special guest on the show who performs as “The Weather Girl”.
  • Speigeltent is an antique, European styled carnival tent with its insides covered in stained glass and mirrors and having a 600 seating capacity.