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The Winslow Boy Tickets

The Winslow Boy is a theater play, based on a true story which was first staged in 1946 in London. Written by the famous British playwright, Sir Terrence Rattigan, the play was a major success during its run at both London and Broadway, and is now considered a classic. The play is being revived for a Broadway run at the end of the year and will be staged at the American Airlines Theater in New York. Buy The Winslow Boy tickets and get a chance to watch this wonderful drama live on stage.

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The Winslow Boy


Sir Terrence Rattigan

Directed by:

Lindsay Posner


Roger Rees, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

A play revolving around a father’s fight and determination to clear his son’s name, this heartwarming tale is a testament to the enduring power of love and family. It will touch upon the themes of honor, reputation, moral judgment and above all the power of sacrifice. So buy The Winslow Boy tickets and watch this excellent, classic drama unfold live on stage.

The Winslow Boy has recently been staged at the Old Vic Theater in London, and the Broadway revival is based on the same production.  Featuring a production team that has many Tony Award winners or nominees, this heartwarming drama is shaping up to be a huge success.


The play was inspired by the real life story of George Archer-Shee, an alumnus of Stonyhurst College and cadet at the naval academy in Osborne. In 1908, he was accused of stealing from a fellow cadet and was expelled from the college. The item in question: a postal order.

It is important to understand that in those times, something like the accusation of thievery or expulsion from school was considered a big deal for the family honor, and the family had to face humiliating social repercussions.

The boy’s elder brother, a Major in the army, was convinced that George was innocent and successfully convinced his father to hire a lawyer and fight the case in court to prove the boy’s innocence.  

His father was able to secure the services of Sir Edward Carson, who was the most famous and respected barrister of the day. Carson believed the boy’s tale and was able to get all charges against him to be dropped.  George Archer-Shee was adjudged to be innocent and compensation was paid to the family after they won the court battle.


The plot of the play is basically the same as the real story but creative dramatic elements have been added by Rattigan to make this tale an engrossing drama. Firstly, to hire the lawyer, the father must up use all his financial resources. The boy’s brother begrudgingly leaves college and gets a job to contribute to the legal costs. Another resounding repercussion of this saga is that his sister Catherine's engagement is put in jeopardy. The family is determined that they successfully defend their honor and that of the boy, but the biggest question is, will their sacrifices be enough and would the cost be worth the effort?

Production Team:

The play has been directed by Lindsay Posner, who is an established director in the theater industry. He has been directing since 1986 and has worked in almost every genre of theater. The costume design is being handled by the world renowned, Oliver Award winning designer Peter McKintosh. David Lander handles the lighting design while Drew Levy handles the sound design.

The play stars Roger Rees as the boy’s father. The Tony and Olivier Award winner received massive recognition for his work in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, for which he won the coveted awards. He was also nominated for a Tony Award for his work in “Indiscretions”. 

Rees will star in the play alongside veterans Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Tony Award nominee Michael Cumpsty, Charlotte Parry, and Alessandro Nivola.


Interesting Facts:

  • The play has been adapted into a feature film, once in 1948 and most recently in 1999.
  • Actor Neil North, who played the First Lord of the Admiralty in the 1999 film version, had portrayed Ronnie Winslow in the 1948 version.
  • The play’s 1947 Broadway premier featured famous actor and Tony Award nominee Alan Webb as Arthur Winslow.
  • While the original story took place in 1908, Rattigan moved the setting of his play closer to World War 1, to add the dramatic notion of sacrifice during war.
  • George Archer-Sheen was killed at the age of 19 at the First Battle of Ypres during World War 1.