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Broadway revivals always come as big news in the theater world as they let fans relive the wonderful experience they had and because they are almost always better than the original production. Same is the case with “The Trip to Bountiful”, a remarkable play which has returned to Broadway after almost 30 years. Since its opening night, a slew of celebrities have seen this show which includes Michelle Obama and her daughters. The play has won every major theater award while still in its initial run. As the play starts its tour, it’s going to entertain millions of theater fans, just like it entertained the first lady of America and her daughters.

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The Trip to Bountiful



Run Time:

2 hours and 20 minutes

Winner of Tony Award, Drama Desk Award and several other accolades, the play "The Trip to Bountiful’ is actually the remake of a fifties play of the same name. Just like the original play, the revived edition also received a Tony Award and went on to become a Broadway smash hit. Several adaptations have been made out of the original play, including a film in 1985. But the experience of watching the story come alive on stage is still unparalleled by any other medium. Needless to say, The Trip to Bountiful tickets are making record sales.

Flashback at the Production

The play premiered in 1953 on NBC television for the first time, followed by a Broadway appearance at Henry Miller’s Theatre in the same year. It ran for 39 performances and garnered immense popularity. The play later undertook United States tours also. The person responsible for the NBC version as well as the tour was Vincent J. Donehue. The year 2005 saw the revival of the show, this time the platform was off-Broadway stage. Signature Theatre Company staged The Trip to Bountiful at the Peter Norton Space.

April 2013 has once again put the musical up for viewing. Directed by Michael Wilson, the musical is based along the same lines as the original by Horton Foote. The revival stars Cicely Tyson, which makes her first Broadway appearance since 1983. The latest version of the play has received a Tony Award as well as three other nominations.

A Peek at the Plot

The play features an old woman living with her henpecking son and an inconsiderate daughter-in-law. While the family resides in Houston, the old lady dreams of going back to ‘Bountiful’ the place where she was raised. Eventually she runs away and gets on a bus towards her destination. Bountiful is actually the code name for the Fountain of Youth in the play.

The musical beautifully brings out the joys and sorrows of getting old. The fearlessness and determination projected by Carrie’s character is phenomenal and truly sets apart the storyline from a mere sad anecdote. The music of the play is also so engrossing that audiences find themselves helplessly joining in when the actors are singing. The beauty of the performance is beyond the scope of words to be described justly.

Awards and Honors

The total number of accolades earned by all three versions of play since the fifties might truly be countless. However some of the most noteworthy honors are glimpsed here. The beginning of a series of awards has a Tony award and a Theatre World award won in 1954 by the original edition of the 1953 Broadway play. The 2005 off-Broadway session won a total of eight awards and eight more nominations, all received in 2006. These awards primarily included Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics Circle Award, Lucille Lortel Award and Obie Award.

The current version has also already moved on to the phase of bagging awards for the incredible performances. With three awards, including a Tony, and eleven nominations already in bag, the 2013 ‘The Trip to Bountiful’ is on its way to garner even more awards and honors.


More about the ‘Trip’…

  1. Before ‘The Trip’, Cicely Tyson’s last appearance in any Broadway play was thirty years ago.
  2. Like Cicely Tyson this year, the actress Jo Van Fleet in the 1953 play also won a Tony award for Best Actress in a play.
  3. All three presentations of the play began their performances from New York City.
  4. Tyson visited the playwright Horton Foote’s home in Texas in order to prepare for her role in the 2013 play.
  5. The play has also been adapted into a film in 1985 which also received various awards.