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The engaging story of a family, in a first World War setting, trying to cope with an uncertain future is portrayed beautifully in Sharr White’s co-production, ‘The Snow Geese’. The show will be premiered on Broadway this October, at the Samuel J. Friedman Theater. At a time when most plays are musicals and are usually about love and romance, such a distinguished story is unsurprisingly attractive for the audience. Even the regular theater folks are excited to see what this new play has in store for them. The Snow Geese tickets are already selling hot and the play is expected to be a tremendous success.

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The Snow Geese tickets are now available. Audiences are impatiently waiting for the play which is expected to bring a distinctive story belonging to the First World War era. Daniel Sullivan is the director of the production and fans are excited to see this Tony Award winner’s new effort on stage. Bringing to life once again the tale from decades ago, the play is truly an exciting piece of art.

The Talent behind the Stage

Sharr White came up with the idea which developed into a play. A marketing professional, Sharr White was quite a surprise when he emerged as a Broadway Playwright. White wrote for three hours a day, every day, consistently for thirteen years before he could get his first professional production. In 2006, his efforts were finally rewarded and he was noticed by the regional-theatre circuit, however it is only this year that Broadway found this amazingly talented writer and brought him out to write this incredible story.

Daniel Sullivan is another name responsible for bringing this remarkable theatre performance. Sullivan is the recipient of a Drama Desk Award, a Tony Award as well as an inductee to the American Theatre Hall of Fame. He has worked with Broadway before and has produced some wonderful works, including The Merchant of Venice, Camino Real and The Playboy of the Western World. The Snow Geese certainly has a combo of some remarkably talented minds and even with the expected reviews it is not hard to deduce that it is going to be an amazing theatre performance.

Sneak Peak

The newly widowed Elizabeth Gaesling and her family are going through a tough time even with World War I raging abroad. The family comes together for their annual shooting party as a ritual to mark the opening of the hunting season in their locality which has happens to be rural, upstate New York. As the family joins for celebration, they find that their world is on the brink of a permanent change. The eldest son of the family bites the bullet for his impending deployment overseas. The youngest son on the other hand finds out that their beloved late father had also left them in huge debt. The problem stricken family is bound to change their lifestyle in order to battle these difficulties and survive. The storyline takes twists and turns and at times becomes so realistic and plausible that audiences might even be able to relate to the characters. At other times it will keep the audiences on their feet and engrossed into its beauty. The Snow Geese needs to be seen in order to be truly appreciated, words might not be able to justify the extraordinary performance.

Meet the Stars of the Show

The headlining performer for the show is the Emmy and Tony Award winning actress Mary-Louise Parker. Parker has given several Broadway and Off-Broadway performances and now she is returning once again to add irresistible magic to the show. Other attractions in the list of performers include Victoria Clark and Danny Burstein. Considering their past performances and Broadway accomplishments, it is needless to say how incredible their performance will be in The Snow Geese. The Tony Award winner Clark and the Tony Award nominated Burstein will be appearing as a couple in the show. The incredible cast and crew coupled with an extraordinary story, the Snow Geese tickets thus have more than one reason to sell hot. Only time will tell how big of a success this play turns out to be. But the participants in the production are quite infallible when it comes to giving exceptional performances.


More about the Play

  • The cast of the play also includes Evan Jinigkeit, Christopher Innvar, Brian Cross and Jessica Love.
  • There is a strict 11-week limit on the first opening of the play.
  • Daniel Sullivan has also directed Mary-Louise Parker in Proof, for which both of them received Tony Awards.
  • The Snow Geese is the second collaboration between MTC, MCC and Sharr White. The first one being in 2011 for the play ‘The Other Place’.
  • Parker is playing the character of the widow raising her sons in the upstate area.