The Preacher And The Shrink

The Preacher And The Shrink Tickets

A significant theme richened by great theatrics, dramatic intricacies and direction are some of the qualities of The Preacher and the Shrink. Interesting characters are brought to life by the talented actors who draw connections between the plot and real life situations with their convincing performances. The play is being staged at The Beckett Theatre in New York for a limited run. Experience this ingeniously written and beautifully acted play during one of its shows.

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Event: The Preacher and the Shrink

Written By: Merle Good

Venue: The Beckett Theatre

What is it About?

The Preacher and the Shrink is the latest creation of the playwright, author and publisher, Merle Good. The play’s plot positions a highly esteemed pastor, his daughter and a psychiatrist in an engaging triangle. Owing to his status, preacher’s life is parted between his duties, personal struggle and his quest to fix things which are falling apart. In the midst of all this, the romantic inclinations of the psychiatrist make the situation more complicated which are wonderfully conveyed through brisk theatricality and natural performances.

Cast and the Crew

The cast of The Preacher and the Shrink includes some of the most renowned television and stage professionals. The play features Tom Galantich in the lead role of Dr. Michael Hamilton. He is known for his numerous Broadway projects including The Boys from Syracuse, Mamma Mia!, Boeing Boeing and Don’t Dress for the Dinner. Apart from theatre, he has done a lot of work for television and film.

Three-time Tony nominee Dee Hoty plays Dr. Alexandra Bloomfield in the play. A popular television and Broadway celebrity, she plays the designated role with conviction. Rest of the talented cast includes Nicholas Urda, Adria Vitlar and Mat Hostetler.

The play is directed by the theatre veteran, Steven Yuhasz. He interprets Good’s work in the most authentic manner and adapts it to the stage in the most earnest way. Steven has served the commercial and non-profit theatre for so many years and today is credited among the most senior directors and stage veterans. Among his numerous credits, his works like The Visit, The Best Little Warehouse, The King and I, Zorba and The Normal Heart are mention worthy.

Brian Prather works with the team as the set designer of the paly. The original sound design of the play is given by Patrick Weaver. Carol Sherry designs the most appropriate costumes for the actors while Kirk Bookman pitches in his talents as the lighting designer of the play. Every member of the team has worked with passion to make this play worth staging.

About the Venue

Owned and operated by the 42nd Street Development Corporation, The Beckett Theatre is one of the multiple theatres owned by the company. A center for a number of hot events in the New York City, The Beckett Theatre is equipped with all the latest facilities of a modern playhouse. Serving as one of the wings of Theatre Row, Beckett is home to many popular stage productions and plays.

Other theatres which are part of Theatre Row include The Kirk Theatre, The Acorn Theatre, The Lion Theatre, The Clurman Theatre and The Studio Theatre. Due to these closely located venues, Theatre Row is the hottest destination for various productions in the New York City.  

The Dose of Drama

Dealing with real life encounters, The Preacher and the Shrink presents the complexities involved with middle life romance and separating relations. The play is currently running at The Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row in New York and will be performed till January 2014. It is the only play written by Merle Good which is being staged in the city. The strong cast and positive reviews from the critics has caused The Preacher and the Shrink tickets sell fast. Enjoy this highly entertaining play during its short engagement.


Did You Know…

  • Steven Yuhasz’s participated in his first play at four.
  • He studied ballet and wig making during his college.
  • Yuhasz is the current Executive Director of Shakespeare on the Sound.
  • Dee Hoty was one of the members of Cleveland Play House from 1974 to 1977.
  • In 2007, Tom Galantich starred as Bob Wallace in the touring production of White Christmas.