The Jacksonian

The Jacksonian Tickets

A strong theme aided by bits of humor and well-planned theatrics highlight some of the qualities of The Jacksonian. Powerful acting by the performers and beautiful execution enhance the storyline and projects the subtexts of the play in the most effective way. Making its Off-Broadway debut, the play will be performed at the Acorn Theatre till December 22, 2013. Enjoy this wonderful play during its limited engagement. 

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The Jacksonian

First Premiere:

February 2012

Current Venue:

Acorn Theatre


The Jacksonian is based on the latest work by the acclaimed author and screenwriter, Beth Henley. Her take on the social issues combines comicality and emotions which results in her aesthetically balanced piece of writings. The play explores uncomfortable social encounters and intertwining human relations. Some of Henley’s other revealing works include Crimes of the Heart – for which she won Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Am I Blue and The Miss Firecracker Contest.

Past Production

Adapted for the stage by Robert Falls, The Jacksonian premiered at The Geffen Playhouse in February 2012. This production featured some of the most renowned theater veterans including Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Glenne Headly, Bess Rous and Bill Pullman. The conviction of the team made it an instant success and the play received mostly positive reviews from the critics. The Jacksonian tickets sold well and the play attracted a number of theatergoers. After giving out a number of successful shows at The Geffen Playhouse, the Off-Broadway run of the play was announced.

About the Show

The Jacksonian is a poignant story of a civilized dentist whose life is stranded between his weird married life and a number of awkward events. Set in a motel in Jackson, Mississippi, the stage is divided between a bar and a room to portray two different situations. The significant theme of the play is enriched by various comical subjects and references about tensions of the city. These broad issues related to the life of one man results in an interesting story. Attention to trivial details and theatrics also make the play visually appealing.

Cast and the Creative

All of the cast members of The Geffen Playhouse production except Bess Rous reprise their roles in the current production. Replacing Rous, Juliet Brett makes her Off-Broadway debut. Tony Award winning Robert Falls once again directs the play with his trusted abilities and expertise. The beautiful set is designed by Walt Spangler. The complementing music and sounds are arranged by Richard Woodbury. Dan Lonazzi contributes as the light designer while the talented Ana Kuzmanic has designed the costumes for the actors. With their utmost passion, the cast and the creative crew work as one unit and make the play a great theatrical experience for the attendees.

Enjoy the Limited Engagement

With its brisk theatricality, moving performances and matchless co-ordination among the cast members, The Jacksonian raises the standards of American theater further. Experience this evocative play during its limited run at the Acorn Theatre.


Top Five Reviews

  • “its moody, high on intrigue structure will also keep you fixated from beginning to end.” – Grigware
  • “it luxuriates in the ripe outlandishness of characters whose flamboyant theatricality and curveball humor are always engaging even when completely baffling.” – LA Times
  • “Falls and his accomplished cast provide intermittent satisfaction in a play that holds promise” – LA Theater
  • “Madigan delivers a couple roaring, crazy-laced monologues that would be worthy of several rewinds” – Entertainment Weekly
  • “A bold play with complex themes, masterfully staged and acted” – Hollywood Reporter