The Bridges Of Madison County

The Bridges Of Madison County Tickets

The bestselling novel of the early nineties is now coming to Broadway. The Bridges of Madison County tickets are available for all those who wish to witness the bitter sweet story of a married Italian woman living in the sixties. The novel on which the story is based appeared a novelization of a true story but it is indeed all a product of Robert James Waller’s imagination. Now the adaptation of the story into a theatre performance and bringing characters live on stage has indeed given the story a life of its own.

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The Bridges of Madison County

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2 Hours and 15 Minutes



The Bridges of Madison County tickets are providing theatre lovers with the opportunity to witness a beautiful love story from the sixties, and all the intricacies attached with it. Breaking the barriers of rationality and social restrictions, the romantic tale of a married Italian woman is certain to enthrall the audiences and leave them breathless. Despite the fictional nature of the story, the incredible performing talents make the story appear original and believable. Even the regular theatre lovers are fascinated by the musical, which continues to attract higher fan following by the day.

Sneak-Peek at the Musical

Francesca Johnson, the protagonist of the play, is left alone at her home while her family has gone to the state fair for four days. Her life would have been very different in these four days had the ruggedly handsome National Geographic photographer had not shown up in her driveway seeking directions. Robert Kincaid came to visit Madison County for his photographic essay on bridges. What happens when these two world-apart characters meet is for the audiences to experience. The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning team responsible for adapting the bestseller novel into this smash hit play, has definitely created one-of-its-kind theatre production. The play not only includes heartfelt music and touching lyrics, but also keeps the audiences entangled in the mysteries of ‘What if…?” through the length of the performance.

The talented Team

In the lead role of Francesca is the four-time Tony Award nominated Kelli O’Hara. She has established her name as one of the great leading ladies on Broadway. In the role off Robert Kincaid, is Steven Pasquale, also an exceptionally talented actor and performer. The duo ignites the passion and romance on stage and makes the audiences feel the intensity of freedom and pleasure of being in love and loved. The musical features a libretto by the Tony and Pulitzer winner Marsha Norman, as well as a score by the Tony Award winner Jason Robert Brown. The director of the play is also a recipient of the Tony Award, Bartlett Sher, who has brought into production his celebrated Tony award winning designing team as well. Scenic designer Michael Yeargan, Lightening designer Donald Holder and Costume designer Catherine Zuber are all Tony Award winners and all are part of the team. All in all the production team is as talented as the actors and as remarkable as the storyline of the play. This wonderful amalgamation of talents leaves no doubts as to why The Bridges of Madison County tickets are selling as fast as they are.


More about the Play

  • The music number ‘Falling into You’ from the play has been released already, and is receiving a great response from both fans and critics.
  • The novel, on which the musical is based, is one of the bestselling of the twentieth century with more than fifty million copies sold worldwide.
  • The music of the play is quite lush and operatic, with meaningful and poetic lyrics.
  • The musical truly highlights the battle between freedom and responsibility, and projects it through the life of a devoted housewife
  • The story was written in 1992, about a 1960 setting and will be performed on stage in 2014, the incredible flexibility of the story truly makes it timeless.