The Barber Of Seville Tickets

The Barber of Seville combines quality humor, playful plot and effective musical arrangements in one vibrant package to entertain a variety of opera lovers. The radiant and clean singing by the performers adds to the beauty of the show and makes it a complete sensory experience. A new production of the opera will stage its shows at multiple venues and performing arts centers throughout the US. Attend one of its shows at a venue nearby you to enjoy comic opera at its best.


The Barber of Seville




Gioachino Rossini


Set in the 17th century in Seville, Spain, The Barber of Seville is the story about a young and gorgeous girl, Rosina and her romantic relationship with Count Almaviva. Their romance is disrupted by the lousy and old Doctor Bartolo. In the midst of this, one fine man, Figaro tries to rescue the lovers. Whether he will succeed in doing so or not can be found out by seeing this revealing work by the music genius, Gioachino Rossini.

About the Composer

Gioachino Rossini is one of the most revered Italian composers and musicians who redefined standards in opera and made a lasting contribution to the genre. Due to his songlike melodies and operatic scores, he is often cited as The Italian Mozart. Over the entire span of his prolific career, Rossini composed more than 39 full-length operas along with numerous symphonic and instrumental pieces. Today, even after centuries, his musical legacy is considered among the most influential and popular opera works.


Historical Overview

Rossini’s original work premiered at the Teatro Argentina, Rome in 1816. The librettos were based on the French comedy, Le Barbier de Seville by Pierre Beaumarchais. Before Rossini’s version of the opera, two famous composers, Francesco Morlacchi and Nicolas Isouard had presented their works. Though those operas received great critical and commercial acclaim, but The Barber of Seville is much associated with Rossini and continues to be the mainstay of comic opera even after hundreds of years.

Gioachino Rossini’s rendition of The Barber of Seville first met with negative reviews but turned out to be a commercial hit after a few performances. The popularity of the opera brought it to England where it premiered at the King’s Theatre in 1818. The opera was then translated in English and was presented at the Covent Garden Theatre in October of the same year. A similar version of the opera made its debut in America at the Park Theatre in 1819. In 1823, The Barber of Seville was presented in Italian at Theatre d’Orleans with an Italian cast.

With the passing years, The Barber of Seville was presented at different orchestra houses, symphony halls and theatres across the globe, making it a worldwide success. The general appeal and fame of this classic masterpiece has never faded and it is still one of the most performed operas in modern times. The Barber of Seville tickets are among the most demanded opera tickets and continue to sell well among other theatrical events.

The Barber of Seville Live

Accompanied by some of the most skilled musicians, The Barber of Seville will be staged at a number of theatres across the US. Combining hilarity, brilliant musical pieces and good singing, the opera satisfies the needs for fun and fine music of a variety of pleasure seekers. Attend one of its shows at your nearest theatre or opera house for some joyful moments.


Did You Know…

  • In 1823, The Barber of Seville became the first Italian opera ever to be performed in New York.
  • The role of Rosina was originally written for a female with contralto vocals but has been distorted over time.
  • According to Operabase, it is the ninth most performed opera in the world.
  • Gioachino Rossini was awarded National Order of the Legion of Honour.
  • In 1900, a monument for Rossini was created at his final resting place in Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence.