Tango Fire

Tango Fire Tickets

Tango Fire presents vintage and rich Argentinian tango with a contemporary touch. Their sensuous, passionate and seamless routines have allured audiences from around the world. Their shows involve dancers tapping to catchy beats in perfect harmony, which translates into an intimate experience for the viewers. The company has lined up a series of live performances during their latest North American Tour. Don’t miss their sensational show when the troupe hits your nearby venue.

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Event: Tango Fire

Origin: 2005, Singapore

Choreographer: German Cornejo

Formation and Premiere

The company was established in 2005 which marked a new addition to the world of tango. It presented its first production in Singapore which proved to be a great success. In the same year, a spectacular new arrangement was presented during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show was warmly received by the attendees and since then the company has headlined a number of shows at key venues throughout the world.

The Tickling Troupe

Headed by the extremely talented and dynamic, German Cornejo, the dance group includes ten tango professionals. Having the freedom to prepare their own routines, five couples let their artistic energies flow which allows them to come up with highly imaginative dance sequences.  The chemistry between the members is matchless and their skills are commendable. This comfort keeps the spirit of the members high and results in smooth functioning of the team.

German Cornejo serves the group as their guiding star. With his broad vision and immense experience, he helps in refining their talents. Cornejo began studying tango at ten and by the age of fifteen, he had a degree along with a distinctive title of Master of Tango. He expanded his dance repertoire by learning jazz, acrobatics and ballet in the following years. Infusing these forms with contemporary tango, he came up with his unique style that placed him among one of the most successful tango masters.

Cornejo has performed in a variety of TV shows, reality programs and live events and has won some of the most prestigious competitions. Among these, Contest for Youth in Buenos Aires, La Viruta and Susana Gimenez are mention worthy. The performing team also includes a quartet of fine musicians and a resident singer.

A Riveting Rush!

The dancers, singers and musicians help each other by sharing their concerns and communicating their stance. Working closely as a team, the musicians mix their irresistible tango beats with the choreography which results in a great experience for the audiences. This hot fusion is not only amusing but also inspiring. Due to their high-energy performances, the company has been praised as “sensual and erotic and authentically Argentinian”.

A Tango Treat

In past, the troupe has performed at a number of leading venues in UK, USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and South Africa. Tango Fire tickets sell fast due to their one of a kind shows. This season, Tango Fire is set to please the audience with its amazing new routines and sequences.  Experience one of the live shows by the company when it visits your city.


Did You Know…

  1. German Cornejo became the World Tango Champion in 2005.
  2. He is the winner of over 20 first prizes in tango at the national level.
  3. He has been qualified as a Master of Choreographic Composition by the National Institute of Arts.
  4. Cornejo has performed for the president of Vietnam during his visit to Argentina.
  5. Cornejo and his partner Gisela Galeassi won Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s reality show Q’Viva! The Chosen.