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Sid The Science Kid Live Tickets

Filled with informative content, exciting music and hilarious jokes, Sid the Science Kid Live! takes the experience of a kid show to the next level. Beautiful backdrops, colorful costumes and puppetry double the fun and add a visual appeal to the show. With a number of shows lined up for 2014, Sid the Science Kid Live! will entertain its lovers around the US. Meet your favorite Sid and his friends as they go on an epic adventure to find answers to their quirky questions.

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Sid the Science Kid Live!


Children Entertainment

Produced By:

The Jim Henson Company

Basis, Start and Success

The live series of Sid the Science Kid is based on the popular animated television show of the same name that premiered on PBS Kids in September 2008. This half an hour long show became a success on the channel due to its interesting format and meaningful content for preschoolers. Besides getting high ratings, the show also earned critical acclaim. Sid the Science Kid completed its successful five year run on PBS Kids and closed in March 2013. After its closing, another kid’s channel, Sprout bought the rights of the show and now it daily airs on the channel. The live show series takes the same concept and converts in into an intimate musical experience.

About the Show

Sid the Science Kid Live! includes the same characters that are enacted by the children of different ages. The show features cheerful music, fancy costumes worn by the characters, puppet acts, funny jokes and some onstage surprises. The story of the show is centered on Sid and his friends having fun while discovering answers to their questions. Through its interactive layout, it promotes positive thinking among the children and encourages them to question why things work in the way they do. The show is based on engaging content and everyday activities that involve science, hence making it an ideal entertainment for the kids and preschoolers.

Main Characters

The cast of the show includes Sid, May, Gerald, Gabriela Cordova, Susie, Mort, Alice, Grandma, Dr. Rosalinda Cordova and Zeke. Sid is an inquisitive kid who wants to know ‘everything about everything’. A supportive friend, he carries a microphone that produces different sounds. Accompanied by his friends, May, Gabriela and Gerald, this group of four share their discoveries and tell jokes to make each other laugh. Susie is the teacher who is very friendly and helps kids in finding the answers to their questions.

In addition to good friends, Sid has a loving family which includes his father, Mort, his mother, Alice, his baby brother, Zeke and Grandma. Dr. Rosalinda Cordova is the mother of Gabriela and she works as a research scientist. Sid the Science Kid Live! brings these beloved characters to life with the help of a catchy plot and fascinating stage design. Together as part of one great team, these members keep the attendees entertained throughout the show with their adorable actions.

Learn and Have Fun!

The success of the television series has made way for its live show and Sid the Science Kid Live! is scheduled to visit multiple cities across the US. Sid the Science Kid Live! tickets are selling fast as fans of the show are excited to catch their beloved characters live onstage. Featuring an interactive format, signature humor, crazy experiments and musical acts, the show makes sure that all the kids have a perfect timeout while learning and laughing at the same time.


Did You Know…

  • Since its inception, the show has been nominated for 6 Daytime Emmy Awards.
  • Sid the Science Kid was presented a Genesis Award by the Humane Society of the United States.
  • The show has recently won CINE Golden Eagle Award.
  • The Jim Henson Company earned worldwide acclaim with their series The Muppet Show.
  • Jim Henson was nominated for an Oscar.