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A brand new theatrical presentation Serata Ratmansky is making its way to opera houses and theaters. Brought forth by one of Russia’s premier directors, Alexei Osipovich Ratmansky, Serata Ratmansky will present music compositions by artists namely Leonid Desyatnikov, Dmitrij Sostakovic, Carlo Goldoni, Pietro Metastasio and Carla Muschio. Recent shows have been held at Teatro alla Scala where multiple presentations were held. Before the formal initiation of the Serata Ratmansky, previews for the youth were held to educate the younger generation. La Scala reviewed the production as being elegantly inventive using modern evolutions of ballet and dance. Serata Ratmansky tickets for the show will once again bring in lovers of classic music and modern ballet.

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Serata Ratmansky

Show Type:

Ballet and opera show

Running Time:

2 hours and 20 minutes

Show Format

The show format for the Serata Ratmansky includes three different performances namely Russian Seasons, Concerto DSCH and Opera. Produced and presented by the Teatro alla Scala and Teatro Bol’s oj Mosca, the show will bring forth conductor Mikhail Tatarnikov and assistant choreographer Tatiana Ratmansky. The first performance named the Russian Seasons that has been produced by the Teatro Bol’s oj Mosca will present a ballet show based on the music by Leonid Desyatnikov. With bright, flowing costumes designed by Galina Solovyena, live re-creation of the music will be presented by soprano, Alisa Zinovjeva and violinist, Laura Marzadori.

The second performance named Concerto DSCH will be presented by the Teatro all Scala with music adopted from the compositions of Dmitrij Sostakovic that will be played on the piano by Davide Cabassi. Lighting and costume design for this performance will be handled by Holly Hynes and Mark Stanley. The third performance of the show will be an opera that will present texts by Carlo Goldoni and Pietro Metastasio which have been chosen to be presented by Carla Muschio. This act will bring forth soprano, Linda Jung, mezzo Natalia Gavrilan and tenor Jaeyoon Jung. Expected to present a powerhouse performance, the Serata Ratmansky show isn’t one to be missed out on.

About the Composer, Alexei Ratmansky

Born in 1968, the forthcoming show will present the work of Alexei Ratmansky. The choreographer from Russia, who previously worked as a ballet dancer started performing back in 1998. Training under Anna Markeyeva and Pyotr Pestov, Ratmansky has performed as a principal dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Ukrainian National Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet. Ratmansky rose to fame when he performed in the showcase of “Dreams of Japan” that was presented by the State Ballet of Georgia in 1998. In 1997, the production of “Dreams” in which Ratmansky performed won the Golden Mask Award that was presented by Theater Union of Russia. As a choreographer, he is most popular for restaging popular classics. His first recreation was a three-act ballet named “Cinderella” that was performed by the dancers of the Kirov Ballet in 2002. A year later, he was invited by the Bolshoi Theater to recreate “the Bright Stream”.

Over the years, Alexei Ratmansky has presented ballet presentations namely A Fairy’s Kiss, the Charms of Mannerism, Dream to Music, Capriccio, the Nutcracker, the Bolt, Anna Karenina, the Tempest and Concerto DSCH. In 2011, Ratmansky presented his version of “Romeo and Juliet” that was appreciated by the New York Times. Ratmansky was named “the most gifted choreographer in terms of recreating classical ballet”.

More about Serata Ratmansky

The Russian Seasons being presented at the forthcoming show is amongst the first ballets created by the choreographer. The three act ballet presents six couples who make their way through the Russian Orthodox calendar and its seasons. The show was first presented at the New York State Theater located in the Lincoln Center in 2006. It presented a cast that consisted of Jenifer Ringer, Sofiane Sylve, Wendy Whelan and Albert Evans. The second ballet that will be presented at the upcoming event was also first performed in 2008 at the same show as the Russian Seasons. Making use of Dmitri Shostakovich’s composition titled Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Major; the original show brought forth a cast that comprised Wendy Whelan, Ashley Bouder, Gonzalo Garcia, Joaquin De Luz and Benjamin Millepied. Prepare as revivals of these two internationally renowned ballets are making their way to the live stage once again.


Did you Know?

  • It is for the first time that the Teatro all Scala is collaborating with Teatro Bol’s oj Mosca, where the latter ballet organization will be featured as a guest act.
  • The composer of the show, Alexei Ratmansky was awarded the Prix Benois de la Danse award for Russian Seasons, Concerto DSCH and Anna Karenina in 2009.
  • Concerto DSCH that will be performed has toured across New York, Japan, Russia, Italy and Seattle.
  • Russian Seasons has been presented by the New York City Ballet since 2008 holding multiple shows annually during its spring season.
  • The Teatro alla Scala has adapted its Russian Seasons from the New York City Ballet presentations and will be holding premier presentations this season.