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The War Memorial Opera House situated in San Francisco, California is announcing to host multiple showcases of the popular opera written by Giuseppe Verdi. The opera will be presented by the San Francisco Opera, an American opera organization with its roots set in San Francisco. The opera company has reinvented popular productions over the years bringing forth shows namely Mephistopheles, Dolores Claiborne, The Flying Dutchman, The Barber of Seville, Show Boat, Madame Butterfly, The Verdi Requiem and La Traviata. The current season will present multiple shows of La Traviata that was first brought on the live stage back in 2009. Conducted by the maestro Donald Runnicles, musical excerpts from the past show will be included in the upcoming string of presentations. San Francisco Opera tickets are expected to bring forth hair-rising, power-house performances.


San Francisco Opera

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3 act opera

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161 years

The War Memorial Opera House

The La Traviata show is expected to be held at the War Memorial Opera House that is located on the Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. Inaugurated in 1932, the opera facility was designed by architects, G. Albert Lansburgh and Arthur Brown Jr. Owned by the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, the venue provides seating for as much as 3,346 audiences for one single show. Since the opera house’s opening, the venue has been serving as home to the San Francisco Opera. Costing approximately four million dollars at the time it was built, the War Memorial Opera House has invited some of the biggest artists and operatic singers such as Pierre Monteux, Enrique Jorda and Leonard Slatkin. The San Francisco Ballet has also held performances of Tchaikovsky’s popular “The Nutcracker”, that wasn’t only taped on DVD but also telecasted by PBS in 2008. This time the opera house has included the classic opera, La Traviata to its current’s season repertory.

About La Traviata

La Traviata is an opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi. His work was turned into a libretto by the great Francesco Maria Paive. Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas named “La dame aux Camelias” that translates to The Lady of the Camelias, La Traviata was originally named “Violetta”. The name was inspired by the main character in the opera. However, Verdi changed the name of his composition to “La Traviata” soon afterwards. The first time that the opera was performed was back in 1853. The show took place at the La Fenice House located in Venice. It was during the time that Verdi was visiting Paris that he first saw Dumas’s play and was taken aback by the story. Wasting no time, Verdi started composing for an opera inspired by the original composition which would soon go on to be known as one of the most popular opera’s by the composer. The debut England showcase of La Traviata took place at Her Majesty’s Theatre in 1856. The show was performed in Italian and turned heads of audiences from all over London. Creating controversies during the conservative era, La Traviata moved to making its American debut in New York in the same year. Holding multiple shows at the Academy of Music, Verdi’s opera did not receive critical acclaim until the 20th century due to the storyline being ahead of its time. Presently Verdi’s composition is rated amongst the top operas of all time.

Story of La Traviata

The story of La Traviata is based in the 18th century in Paris. The opera starts with the main character, Violetta throwing a party at her salon to celebrate her health after suffering from a long illness. At the party, Violetta’s current lover, Baron Douphol is present along with Count Gastone who brings along Alfredo, a noble young man. Before entering the salon, Gastone reveals to Voiletta how Alfredo has adored her for years. At the party, Alfredo confesses his love to Voiletta, who first dismisses him, but then hands, him a flower and asks him to meet her when the flower has wilted. In the next scene, Alfredo and Violetta are seen living happily in a countryside manor. One day, Alfredo is seen leaving for the city regarding business, when Alfredo’s father visits Violetta and begs her to end the relationship due to Voiletta’s damaging reputation  affecting the family. Violetta finally agrees to this and is seen writing a farewell note to Alfredo before running away. When Alfredo returns he reads the letter and begins to suspect Voiletta having an affair with her former lover. Furious Alfredo makes his way to Baron to seek revenge. Will Voiletta’s sacrifice bring bloodshed or will the two lovers be united?


Did You Know?

  • The original presentation of the opera presented actors Fanny Salvini-Donatelli playing Voiletta, Lodovico Graziani playing Alfredo and Francesco Dragone playing Baron Douphol.
  • The opera uses instruments namely flutes, oboes, clarinets, trumpets, bassoons, trombones, timpani, piccolos, double bass, flugelhorn and strings.
  • In 2012, a documentary titled “Becoming Traviata” was based on the opera. The documentary was directed by Jean-Francois Sivadier.
  • In 1967, the first film version of the opera came forth. It featured actors Franco Bonisolli and Anna Moffo with Mario Lanfranchi as the director.
  • Over the years, various recordings of La Traviata have been released by labels namely Marston, Naxos Records, RCA Victor, Warner Classics, EMI Classics, Decca and the Metropolitan Opera.