Rocky The Musical Tickets

Finally the surprise is over as to what would be replacing Mamma Mia! at the top Broadway theatres, specifically the Winter Garden Theatre. As smashing as its predecessor, the next piece of art in line for the theatre is the Broadway musical “Rocky”. The legendary star and the lead actor of the super hit movie with the same name, Sylvester Stallone has decided to make a theatre production out of the story. Rocky: The Musical tickets are available and are being bought in large numbers already. Fans are impatiently waiting for the live theatre version of the story as incredible as that of ‘Rocky’.

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Rocky: The Musical

Expected Premiere:

February 2014



The new Broadway production ‘Rocky the Musical’ will be hitting the theatres at a time when expectations from Broadway are higher than ever, particularly after the amazingly popular Mamma Mia! The musical is based on the Academy Award winning movie, and is featuring the score by Tony Award winners Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens. The play has been produced and premiered in German already and has garnered great reviews. Now it is being made into an English and is scheduled to go up for public early next year. However Rocky the Musical tickets are already up for sale and are selling hot, since fans want to be the first ones to see this amazing new musical production.

What Could You Expect?

Since the play is not out for viewing yet, no one can exactly know what thrilling storyline awaits the audiences. But since the play is an adaptation- at least to some degree- of the movie, there is a plausible chance of the story to be similar as well, to a certain degree. The remarkable story of the film if brought to life on stage in a theatre performance would certainly sweep audiences off their feet. In the film, which describes an era of the seventies in Philadelphia settings, the protagonist is named Rocky who is actually a small time boxer, working for a loan shark. The film then follows the story of this boxer as he trains himself for a huge boxing match with the help and encouragement of his friends. The twists and turns keeps the audience interested while the match date draws closer. Finally a breathtaking fight takes place by the end of which Rocky’s girlfriend climbs into the ring and he professes his love to her without caring about the announcement of the result. It would be incredible to watch the same story live in the theatre production; the sky rocketing demand for Rocky the musical tickets is hardly surprising.

The Play

The musical ‘Rocky’ has been in the news for long for being a goal for Broadway. Cast for the actual performance has not yet been announced, however the production team and the working minds behind the plan have made the news many times. The amazingly talented and versatile Sylvester Stallone and the Tony Award winners Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty- the duo behind Ragtime- are the most prominent associated with the production of the musical. The show’s book is written by Thomas Meehan who also happens to be a Tony Award winner just like the director, Alex Timbers. The celebrated team joined together is destined to come up with an unmatched performance for theatre lovers. The boxing choreography for the play is done by Tony Award nominated Steven Hoggett along with Kelly Devine. Needless to say that the musical will be a smash hit, as such talented people coming together with such a popular storyline to create an extraordinary piece of performing art is itself a testimony to that. Those wishing to be the first viewers of the upcoming musical should not walk, rather run to get their Rocky the musical tickets before the stocks run out.


More about the Play

  • The German production of the play starred the versatile Broadway actor Drew Sarich in the lead role.
  • Sylvester Stallone says he can relate to the story, as his life itself went from being a no one to the heights of Hollywood.
  • The movie production also included songs, one of which made it to the top of the Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 list.
  • The screenplay has been adapted by Rosalyn Drexler.
  • The first performance of the musical is scheduled to take place at the Winter Garden Theatre.