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All these decades and Johnny Cash's music is still in the hearts of his fans. And for all such fans who didn't like parting with this great artist, there is Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash, a jukebox musical based on all of his remarkable music. “Ring on Fire” was an extraordinary and wondrous song of Johnny Cash, a country music veteran. Opening on Broadway in 2006, the musical swept all Cash fans off their feet as they were taken to a part of his world. Although the show did not last long on Broadway but its performances across the country bring crowds and crowds of Johnny Cash fans jumping up to the opportunity to get Ring of Fire tickets.

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Event Name: Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash

Run time: 2hrs

Popular Songs:

Get Rhythm

A Thing Called Love

I Walk the Line

Flesh and Blood


Ring of Fire is a theatrical musical experience featuring the stories and songs of a true country legend. The musical is a journey into the works of an icon who is known as “one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.” It begins with all the eight performers playing Cash on stage announcing: “Hello, I'm Johnny Cash” just like he used to do in his live performances. More than 30 songs of Cash are packed in the show with only a few dialogues thrown here and there. Actors not only sing but also provide instrumentation.  
The Musical's Direction
It was Bill Meade's idea some six years ago to put the music and work of Johnny Cash on stage. Although a number of people presented Johnny with a similar idea but he did not like any as much as Bill's and a little before his death, he allowed the staging rights to Bill.
Bill chose Richard Maltby Jr. to direct the show and he did such a job that although Johnny's life is not dramatized in the musical, the audiences really do feel that they have spent time in the company of an extraordinary man. The director has aimed at bringing to life the wonderful songs, to make them heart-touching and soul-reaching. Since Johnny's music talks about the success and failures, trials and tribulations, love and hate, and joys and sorrow of life; audience can't help but draw into his music.  
The Musical's Response
Ring of Fire played at the Plymouth Playhouse when it came out on Broadway. It received mixed reviews and was taken off after 57 performances only because of the show not doing well. However, it was Cash's charm and the impression he has left on the music world that continued attracting fans when the musical started playing in small theaters around the country.
Musical Numbers
Ring of Fire covers almost all of the works of Johnny Cash, from songs like “Flesh and Blood” to his final hit “Hurt” and also some of his songs with a more humorous touch like “The Boy Named Sue.” His super hit songs “Man in Black”, “Get Rhythm”, “Ring of Fire”, “A Thing Called Love”, “Folsom Prison Blues” and “I Walk the Line” are also a part of the musical.
Most of Johnny's music featured sorrowful themes and talked about tribulations and redemption. Although no one can come close to sounding the same like Cash's distinctive deep vocals but actors in the musical have done quite a justice to the singing.  
Ring of Fire is a story, but there is no plot or dramatized scenes, it is simply pure entertainment. 

More about the Show

  1. The show's failure on Broadway was attributed to the venue selected for it being too large to create the desired intimacy.
  2. The song “Ring of Fire” on which the musical is based is said to be Cash's love song to himself.
  3. There is also a motion picture based on the life and works of Johnny Cash titled “Walk the Line” starring Joaquin Phoenix as Cash.
  4. Jeb Brown, Jason Edwards, Jarrod Emick, Beth Malone, Cass Morgan and Lari white are the original Broadway cast members.
  5.  The musical takes songs recorded by Cash from a period of 1955 to 2002.