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Rain Tribute To The Beatles Tickets

A musical act to the fullest, Rain pays homage to one of the most cherished bands of the history: The Beatles. Dressed in vintage costumes, Rain guides the audiences through the spectacular journey of the Beatles and delivers an impressive musical experience. Their remarkable deliverance and in-depth coverage of Beatles’ discography is what makes them the most versatile and successful tribute bands among the other cover groups. Kicking off their latest tour this season, Rain will be performing a broad range of the Beatles’ songs. Experience their passionate performances when the quartet hits your town!

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Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles


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The Beatles Reborn

The formation of the Rain goes back to 1982 when it emerged after the Broadway production of the Beatlemania. A lot of Beatles fans and musicians auditioned for the band. In the early 90s, the group was finalized and their journey was set. Since then, the band presents its shows with lineup changes, suitable to the shows and venues. The band got raving reviews right after their early performances, establishing themselves as an extraordinary tribute group of the recent time.

Historical Trends

By the mid 1980s, Rain began to tour the country with their extended live shows. Their concerts created a stir among all the Beatles fans and were attended by huge crowds. Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles tickets cleared the inventories and made their live shows an instant success. Throughout the 1990s, the band headlined a series of tours with minor lineup changes. In 2007, Rain TV special was telecasted which increased their popularity among the contemporary audience. In 2010, the craze and hype of the band brought it to Broadway and a jukebox musical premiered at the Neil Simon Theatre. After completing 300 successful performances, it moved to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in 2011. In the same year, the Broadway production won a Drama Desk Award for ‘Outstanding Revue’. Completing a hit theatrical run, Rain is once again back on the road for their most recent live concert series.


Enticing Beatles’ songs, grand multimedia visuals and gorgeous costumes are some of the exciting features of Rain’s live performances. The incredible instrumentation combined with their amazing vocals, epitomizes the lasting hits by the Beatles and allows the audiences to sing along as they perform. All these elements put together create an intimate atmosphere that is loved by all the Beatle fans.

Talented Lineup

Since the start of the band in the early 80s, various members have joined and left the band. The lineup of the performance depends on the nature of the shows besides other factors. Some of the most notable members that have played for considerable time with Rain include Steve Landes, Joey Curatolo, Joe Bithorn, Ralph Castelli, Jimmy Irizarry, Ian B. Gracia, Tom Teely, Jimmy Pou and Douglas Cox. This multi-dimensional and talented group is managed by Mark Lewis. Lewis, with his vision and years of experience, took Rain from being a locally popular band to an internationally recognized music group. From recruiting to the world-class musicians to arranging their sound, Lewis steered the band to an unprecedented path of success and fame.

Relive the Beatlemania

Continuing their terrific history of live shows, Rain will be hitting multiple venues throughout the country as part of their latest tour. Their deep artistry and multi-dimensional performances will guide you through the Ed Sullivan era, all the way to the Abbey Road. Attend one of their live concerts and join the other Beatlemaniacs to celebrate the timeless music of the legendary Fab Four!

Top Five Reviews

  1. “Youthful prodigies no longer, they are nevertheless fine musicians and capable vocal impersonators” – The New York Times
  2. “The next best thing to seeing The Beatles” – Denver Post
  3. “An adoring Valentine to The Beatles” – Washington Post
  4. “A thrilling bit of time-warping nostalgia… Boomer Heaven!” – Fort Worth Star- Telegram
  5. “Uncanny! RAIN are a quartet of fine musicians in their own right… as The Beatles, they triumph!” – Boston Herald