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Potted Potter is a parody of the best-selling novel series Harry Potter; a hilarious retelling of all 7 books in just 70 minutes. The show was first staged in 2006 in London but its popularity took it to outside of its country and on international tours, one of which is currently underway. The show is a must-watch for all HP fans and also for the ones who always wanted to know what Harry Potter's fuss is all about.

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Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff

Run Time:

70 minutes (no intermission)


2012 Olivier Award (nominee) for Best Entertainment & Family Show

Potted Potter is a project of Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, popularly known as Dan and Jeff. This two-man show features the duo in a parody of the best-selling Harry Potter books; playing different characters, changing multiple costumes, performing on songs and also a game of Quidditch. They ask for help from the audience in some of their acts thus making it an interactive show.

Current Productions

The show is currently being played in an Off-Broadway engagement at the Little Shubert Theatre in New York City. It started in May and will go on until September. The duo will also be starting a U.S. National Tour later in 2013 starting from the Shakespeare Theatre Co in Washington D.C. and moving on to Paramount Centre in Boston, MA.

Previous Productions

Potted Potter started off as a street show in 2005 when Dan and Jeff were asked to form a five-minute recap of the first five Harry Potter books, to perform in front of fans lining up for the release of  the sixth book. With the addition of the sixth book, the street show became hour-long and premiered at Edinburgh's Zoo Southside. A new version of the show was performed in late 2006 at Pleasance Islington. The seventh book was added to the show in 2007 and it started touring U.K. More touring came in 2008 with a second show by the two guys titled “Potted Pirates”. Due to their commitment to BBC's children's show, Dan and Jeff handed over the production to a new cast for a short while. They performed in New Zealand Comedy Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe before Dan and Jeff took over again. The show was given a rest in 2010 while the two guys worked on a new production, “Potted Panto”. They received their first Olivier Award nomination for this production. Potted Potter set out on another series of performances in U.K in 2011. In 2012, they got another Olivier Award nomination, this time for Potted Potter. The show set out on a world tour later in the year, starting from North America and Potted Potter tickets started selling like hot cakes.

A little about Dan & Jeff

Comedy comes naturally to Dan and Jeff because they have fun in doing what they do. The duo has succeeded in making this production immensely hilarious without being offensive. The show is fun for a hardcore, possessive HP fan. But even if someone doesn't know the difference between Quidditch and Ravenclaw, the show will be equally uproarious. It took this boy wizard a period of seven books to defeat the evil wizard but Dan and Jeff made it possible in just 70 minutes; without the grim details. The two guys have performed around 360 characters which go on to show their immense talents. Potted Potter is a show perfect for audiences of all ages and for anyone who wants to take a break from the serious, artistic theater shows and watch some blissfully goofy production.


Potted Potter Reviews

  1. “The duo casts a perfect spell over the audience.” The New York Times – Critic's Picks
  2. “Blissfully funny, a winner in every way. The Show is a crowd pleaser.” The London Guardian
  3. “A fabulously funny parody. Will tickle the funny bone of every age group.” The London Daily Telegraph
  4. “Cleverly appeals to both ardent fans and parents.” The London Times
  5. “The single funniest thing I've seen in ages. You're gonna love this show.” Toronto Star