Perfect Crime Tickets

Perfect Crime is a crime drama penned by Warren Manzi. Opening in 1987, the play continues to be performed till today, becoming the longest running play in the history of New York City. The show was originally optioned for Broadway, but never made it and has been running Off Broadway since then. Playing at a variety of theaters in its run, in 2005, the play finally found a permanent home at the new Snapple Theater Center, where it has been staged regularly ever since. Due to the enduring success and popularity of the play, Perfect Crime tickets are selling quickly, and with the performance dates fast approaching, you need to make your plans accordingly to catch the play live. 


Perfect Crime Tickets


Murder Mystery, Crime Drama, Comedy


Warren Manzi


Snapple Theater

The play has been hugely successful over its long run and has been called "an urban legend" by critic Jason Zinoman. It premiered in April 1987 at the Courtyard Playhouse on Grove Street, under the artistic direction of Warren Manzi, after which it moved to an Off Broadway venue. Some of the theaters it played at during its long run are Theater Four, 47th Street Theater, The Harold Clurman Theater and Duffy Theater. After Duffy Theater was sold, the show finally moved to the Snapple Theater Center.


The play is a murder mystery, and crime drama, which revolves around accomplished Connecticut psychiatrist Margaret Brent, who gets tied up in a dangerous and terrifying game of cat and mouse after her husband is found dead. She becomes the number one suspect in the murder, but the duplicitous police officer in charge of the case cannot pin the murder on her. Add to the drama a deranged patient and the small complication of the psychiatrist and police officer falling in love; and you get a sexy, funny and fast paced murder mystery, which is "Perfect Crime".

The Team:

The play has been written by Warren Manzi who is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama. Manzi wrote the play in 1980, while playing the role of Mozart on Broadway’s "Amadeus".  The script was so good that it was optioned for Broadway, however a proper production never materialized. That made Manzi the youngest writer ever to have a play optioned for Broadway. Despite the project not coming through, Manzi’s career was on the rise, as he would be hired by Universal Studio’s to write the screenplay for their new project, Clue. The production’s technical director and graphic designer is Jai Cail Stone, who has been with the project since its beginning. Stone has been working with Manzi for over twenty years now, and their collaborations have always borne fruit, but their crowning achievement is still Perfect Crime. One of the most enduring and popular aspects of the play has been Catherine Russell, the actress who has been portraying the psychiatrist Margaret Brent ever since the play has opened. For the past twenty six years, she has only missed four performances of the show, for her siblings; weddings. The actress has never taken a day off for any other reason, including sickness. The show also features other seasoned actors like Richard Shoberg, who famously portrayed Tom Cudahy on All My Children and George McDaniel, who received widespread acclaim for his work in the West Wing and ER.


Interesting Facts:

  • Catherine Russell has been added to the Guinness Book of World Records for The Most Performances By A Theater Actor In The Same Role.
  • The playwright Warren Manzi was paid one of the largest amounts ever for a first screen play for Clue.
  • Catherine Russell dedicates her performances of the show to her dog Clementine, who according to her never missed a performance of perfect Crime. 
  • Perfect Crime has been performed over 10,880 times.
  • The play only has five characters, one of whom only appears on a videotape.