Peking Acrobats Tickets

The Popejoy Hall located in Albuquerque is popular for hosting world class entertainment within its vicinity. The previous season brought forth popular presentations namely Swan Lake, Beauty and the Beast, the Nutcracker Ballet, American Idiot, an Irish Homecoming, a Christmas Carol and Festival of Voices. It has also held multiple showcases of the Peking Acrobats and once again, the show promises to return to the live stage for the fifth consecutive season. The awe-inspiring event is known to enthrall audiences of all ages, due to which availability of Peking Acrobats tickets is always highly anticipated.



Peking Acrobats

Age Limit

All ages allowed

Running time

65 minutes

Introducing the Peking Acrobats

Brace yourselves as China’s most popular acrobats’ troupe makes its way the Western world yet again. Consisting of some of the most talented gymnasts, cyclists, contortionists, tumblers and jugglers, the performers bring forth gravity-defying tricks and stunts that bring the audiences to the very edge of their seats.

Making their Western debut back in 1986 the Peking Acrobats have been selling out shows for the past 25 years. With live orchestration, each presentation brought forth by the Chinese acrobats presents breathtaking acts with contemporary twists. Reinventing the Chinese tradition of acrobatics that have been rooted in the country’s history for over 2000 years, the Peking Acrobats provide an amalgamation of contemporary and ancient folk techniques. Described by the Seattle Times as being “amazing, stunning, breathtaking and simply wow!” the forthcoming show at the Popejoy Hall isn’t one to be missed out on. So what are you waiting for? Treat your family to a night filled with jaw-dropping entertainment.

About the Show

The Pecking Acrobats have been around for quite some time now. Redefining acrobatics, the perform dangerous maneuvers that require skill, balance and control of the highest level. Known to bring forth performances that push the limits of human control and possibility, the Peking Acrobats combine grace, agility and dexterity with special effects to create an unforgettable show each time. Apart from touring all over the world since the past twenty five years, the performers have also appeared on several television shows. Some of these include “Nickelodeon’s Fabulous”, “the Wayne Brady Show”, “Ellen’s Really Big Show”, “ABC’s Wide World of Sports’” and “Ring in the New Year, Holiday Special” brought by NBC. If this wasn’t enough, the Peking Acrobats have been appearing regularly on “In Focus Series”; a 3D show that runs on HDNet TV.

Feats & Achievements

Other feats achieved by the Peking Acrobats includes its appearance in the hit feature films, Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13, that presented award winning celebrity actors such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. Furthermore, the Peking Acrobats appeared in the Guinness Book Primetime TV show where the acrobats established the record of “Human Chair Stack”. The record presented six daring acrobats balancing themselves twenty one feet in the air atop six chairs. To date the talented troupe has released three DVD albums, with the third album providing a 3D bird’s eye view of all the stunts and action. Apart from regular performances, the year 2005 proved to be an unforgettable one as the Peking Acrobats not only initiated their debut Italy tour, the troupe was also seen making its debut at the Hollywood Bowl. Performing at the season finale of the Hollywood Bowl, the talented Peking Acrobats also embarked on a twelve-city tour all across Italy, presenting sold-out shows in Pisa, Milan, Naples and Bologna.

Throughout its career, the acrobats have presented six European tours from 2005 till present. Their shows have been appreciated by prestigious critic organizations and publications such as New York Post, Dance Insider, New York Times, Press Plus 1 Canada, Winnipeg Free Press, Chicago Tribute and Los Angeles Times. Watch this internationally acclaimed troupe as it prepares to perform at the Popejoy Hall.


Interesting Information:

  • This season the Peking Acrobats will be celebrating its 27th anniversary in America.
  • In 2011, the Peking Acrobats embarked on their first ever tour throughout Canada.
  • The acts are combined with live Chinese music played on traditional Chinese instruments, a tradition inspired from the Chi’n Dynasty of 221 B.C.
  • The Peking Acrobats have mesmerized audiences in Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands, apart from Canada and America.
  • Most of the performances that involve tumbling, trick-cycling, wire-walking, gymnastics and juggling have taken inspirations from Chinese religion and myth.