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The bitter-sweet journey of two eccentric neighbors as they try to find a way through their familial matters is spectacularly shown in the Broadway production ‘Outside Mullingar’. A comedy romance showing the intricacies of love and shyness in a rural setting is indeed a worth watching performance. Outside Mullingar tickets are selling hot as even the regular theatre fans are expecting the play to be a new experience. The storyline is simple enough for audiences to easily relate to; yet interesting enough to keep them on toes always wondering about what is going to come next.

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Suitable for ages 12 and above

Broadway has a history of producing exceptional plays. ‘Outside Mullingar’ is definitely one of them. A simple depiction of a misfit couple with daily matters and family complications actually turned out to be a quite entertaining phenomenon. From all the hi-fi productions and complex storylines of the modern day, this lighthearted romantic comedy is no less of a delight to watch. It is no surprise that Outside Mullingar tickets are in such high demand; especially since the lineup of talented actors has been announced for the play.

The Production

The award winning duo behind ‘Outside Mullingar’ is the same that brought out the Pulitzer, Tony and Oscar winner Doubt. The infamous writer John Patrick Shanely and director Doug Hughes reunited once again for this latest Broadway production. It will be premiered early January next year. The protagonist roles are played by the talented performers, Brian F. O’Byrne and Debra Messing. O’Byrne is the recipient of Tony Award and Messing has bagged an Emmy for her wonderful acting performances. Now this talented team has come up with a lighthearted yet fascinating story. There is hardly any doubt that the production will be a smashing hit.

What to expect?

The play is about two neighbors, Anthony, played by Brian F. O’Byrne, and Rosemary, played by Debra Messing. Anthony is an extremely shy person who has spent his entire life on a farm in Ireland. Rosemary, is the next door neighbor determined to have Anthony. With Anthony’s father threatening to disown him, and a land feud simmering between the families, the storyline takes interesting turns. The story never fails to hold the audience’s interest and develops a burning curiosity of what will happen next. It is no wonder then, that the Outside Mullingar is being hailed as one of the most popular shows around.

Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

One of the prime locations staging the world premiere of this romantic comedy is Samuel J. Friedman Theater. Previously known as the Baltimore Theatre, it was built in 1925 with design by Herbert J. Krapp. Several popular comedies and plays have been premiered at this venue. The legendary rock musical ‘Hair’ was also debuted at this very theatre in 1968. The surroundings and the milieu that Samuel J. Friedman Theatre provides for live shows, particularly theatre performances, is unmatched by any other even today. To watch the amazing Outside Mullingar, there could be no better place than this splendid theatre. Fans who actually get the chance to see the premier at this theatre will truly witness an unforgettable experience.


More about the Play

  • Despite her extensive career, Debra Messing has never performed on Broadway before.
  • The venue Samuel J. Friedman Theatre once fell into disrepair at the hands of looters, vandals and arsonists in the late eighties.
  • The play is primarily centered on Irish norms and has a very rural feel to the story.
  • Outside Mullingar is being presented as part of Manhattan Theatre Club’s 2013-2014 season line up of performances.
  • The initial engagement for the staging of the play is strictly limited to a total of eleven weeks only.