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Founded in 1929, the ballet organization ‘Atlanta Ballet’ is one of the oldest  performing ballet companies in the United States. Currently it is one of the most popular ballet organizations. Atlanta Ballet tickets are available for some of the best theatre performances. Nutcracker, Jean-Christophe Maillot’s Roméo et Juliette and Pinocchio are just a few of the names on this list. Currently the ballet company also held free classes for ballet lovers. Kids and adults enjoyed performances by the Atlanta Ballet dancers as well as learnt hip hop, Salsa and most importantly ballet dancing.

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Atlanta Ballet

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Dorothy Alexander

Atlanta Ballet is a company with its performances repertoire exceeding far beyond those of conventional ballet companies. Atlanta Ballet tickets have always been in high demanded as compared to other company tickets. This is not only because of its exceptional quality of performances but also because the company keeps itself connected to the fans. There are regular educational programs and free seminars for kids and adults where they can not only watch incredible performances but also learn different forms of dancing from the experts.


The Company- Then and Now


Dorothy Alexander founded the company in the late twenties but it took some time before it rose in popularity. During the forties, the ballet organization was renowned by the name “Atlanta Civic Ballet”. Being the nation’s first regional ballet company, it also has the distinction of being the first ever to help fund a symphony.  In 1946, the company donated its entire season’s revenues to the Atlanta Youth Symphony, which later went on to become the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.


Now the Atlanta Ballet has a proper organizational structure and an undeniable existence in the world of ballet. Currently there are twenty professional dancers and six apprentices in the company. The beauty of the ensemble is that it does not involve any hierarchal structure, which essentially appreciates the true spirit of ballet. No one is considered superior or inferior; it all lies in the talent and ability to perform. Each member has an equal chance of being included in any ballet performance produced by Atlanta Ballet.


The Performances


The regular season of performances by the company extends from October to May, with Energy Performing Arts Centre and Fabulous Fox Theater being the major venues. Recently the Woodruff Arts Center has also been added to the repertoire of performance venues.


The Atlanta Ballet performs a range of plays, with diversified themes and varied stories. It has a record of successful shows ranging from ‘The Great Gatsby’ to ‘Swan Lake’. There have been several records made and celebrated by the company. Fifty years of The Nutcracker and the Eightieth Anniversary of the performance’s season in 2009-2010 are just two of them. Recent smash hits premiered by the company include Ignition: New Choreographic Voices, Sleeping Beauty, Nutty Nutcracker and Fusion: Lambarena.


Beyond Stage Ballet


The year 1996 saw the Atlanta Ballet open the ‘Center for Dance Education’. One of the largest fully equipped dance schools in the country, this centre teaches and coaches several forms of dancing to students from the age of two. Senior citizens are also welcome to join. The repertoire of training includes jazz, modern, hip hop, flamenco, tap and ballet. For young dancers it is an incredible learning centre and for grownups it is an equally remarkable platform to express their creativity and talents. Other than training and polishing professional dancers, the Centre also provides educational opportunities to thousands of children belonging to the metro Atlanta area.


In 2009, the company started off a fundraising campaign named “Choreographing Our Future”. The aim of the campaign was the relocation and renovation of the company’s headquarters as well as expansion in development and market for the ballet. The proceeds collected from the campaign are also planned to be spent on marketing as well as to ensure long-term financial stability and artistic consistency. The Atlanta Ballet has been one of the best ballet companies in the country and still seems to be unmatched in its quality and performance.


More about the Ballet organization

1.      The Michael C. and Thalia N. Carlos Foundation gave $3 million to the Atlanta Ballet during its “Choreographing Our Future” campaign.

2.      The company has used all recycled carpeting for its new headquarters, as well as has areas specifically dedicated to recycling used materials.

3.      The new Atlanta Ballet headquarters are built in five thousand foot renovated warehouse, which is an LEED certified and environment friendly home for the company.

4.      There are also plans to fund and expand Atlanta Ballet Orchestra with the campaign proceeds as well.

5.      Atlanta Ballet has collaborated twice with Grammy Award winning artists, Indigo Girls in 2004 and Antwan Patton in 2008.