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No Mans Land Tickets

An ingeniously crafted plot and wonderful theatrics are some of the prominent features of No Man’s Land. The play revives the Broadway drama with its refreshing treatment and musing theatrical design. Raising its curtains on October 31st, 2013 at the Cort Theatre, No Man’s Land is ready for its latest run that will continue till February 2014. Experience this quirky show while it is performed in repertory with Waiting for Godot during its limited Broadway engagement.

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Event: No Man’s Land

First Premiere Date: November 9, 1976

Author: Harold Pinter

Historical Overview

The play was written in 1974 and debuted on Broadway in 1976. Earning considerable commercial success and critical acclaim, the show won a Drama Desk and two Outer Critics Circle Awards. The play once again hit the Broadway stage in 1994 and completed a successful run of shows. The current year marks the latest revival of the play where it will begin its previews from October 26.

Cast and Creative

No Man’s Land is written by the Nobel Prize winning playwright Harold Pinter. Pinter’s other popular works include The Birthday Party, Betrayal and The Homecoming. The current production of the play is directed by the multitalented Sean Mathias. His eclectic repertoire includes acting, writing and theater and film direction. With his mindfulness, Mathias interprets the masterpiece written by Pinter and gives it a new meaning. The talented cast of the play includes Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Shuler Hensley and Billy Crudup. These four men are highly renowned names in the business and add a lively touch to the plot with their artistic energies. Ian Mckellen, a cherished personality of the theater and big screen, plays Spooner in the play. His notable film credits include The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Da Vinci Code and numerous others. He has won multiple awards including Laurence Olivier, Golden Globe and Tony Awards. Sir Patrick Stewart, playing Hirst in the show, is one of the most successful TV, stage and film celebrities. He has starred in a number of blockbusters including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dune and X-Men series. Stewart is joined by the very talented Shuler Hensley, a Tony winning actor and singer. He is best known for his role in Oklahoma! and the German production of The Phantom of the Opera. The quartet is completed by the Tony winning Billy Crudup who contributes to the play with his dynamism and conviction.

About the Show

No Man’s Land is a beautiful blend of suspense, comedy and mystery. The story revolves around two eccentric writers and their encounters as the show proceeds. Later, two younger men bump into the scene and bring a variety to the show with their fascinating performances. What these four men will reach at is eventually revealed in Pinter’s one of the most entertaining plays.  

Discover the No Man’s Land

The buzz and hype about this latest revival of the classic Broadway production has created a stir among the theatergoers. No Man Land’s tickets are selling fast as the play will be performed for a limited Broadway run at the Cort Theatre. Experience this mind-boggling show and find what engages Hirst and Spooner.

Did You know…

  1. In 1993, Patrick Stewart was voted “Most Bodacious Male on TV” by the US TV Guide.
  2. Patrick was the voice of Napoleon in George Orwell’s novel based movie Animal Farm.
  3. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart didn’t know how to play chess when they starred in X-Men 2.
  4. Ian McKellen was knighted in 1991 for his services to art and entertainment.
  5. McKellen is the only actor from The Lord of the Rings who was nominated for an Oscar.