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Celebrating 50th anniversary of The Beatles since the release of their debut single Love Me Do in the October of 1962, the upcoming Let It Be musical includes forty greatest hits of the legendary band. The musical was staged at West End in the September of last year. Now Broadway and West End productions are hitting the road with new Let It Be tickets.

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Musical: Let It Be
Hit Songs: 40 Greatest Hits by The Beatles

The Beatles has gained fame over the years as one of the most beloved bands of all time. In five decades, even after breaking up, the band hasn't lost its fame and continues to inspire music lovers around the globe. A number of tribute bands have toured in the past to honor their music and carry out their legacy. Let It Be the musical is one of the tribute productions. It first opened at West End and then was taken to Broadway. Storylines of both the productions differ.
Original West End Production
Let It Be the musical opened at West End's Prince of Whales Theatre in the September of 2012. At that particular venue, the show ran till 19th of January, 2013, after which it was taken to Savory Theatre on the 1st of February.
Original West End story line includes the starting of the play with four actors playing as the members of The Beatles in 1962's Cavern Club. As the play progresses, the rise of the band is shown and it concludes with the eventual breakup by the end of 1960s.
Broadway Production
Broadway production of Let It Be the musical has a similar yet slightly different story line. It starts off the same way, the setting is Cavern Club in 1962 and the four Beatles members gather. The show pictures their journey to the United States where they started their tour at the Ed Sullivan Show. There are psychedelic designs to put a better effect to the whole image of the band. Eventually, the Broadway production also ends with the breakup for The Beatles.
About The Beatles
The Beatles was a rock band based in Liverpool, which rose to fame during the 60s. It consisted of the legends of the music industry, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. During their era, they were known as the greatest rock act of the world, a stature that has remained even after their break up. This rock n' roll band has inspired music lovers and rock artists for decades.
The Beatles gradually built repute by playing at pubs and bars of Hamburg and Liverpool for around three years. After Brian Epstein became their manager, he helped them develop into a more professional act. After the release of the first single titled Love Me Do, the band earned fame throughout the United Kingdom. Their fame is still referred to as the “Beatlemania” and they are often called the “Fab Four”. The band has more number one albums as well as has sold more singles across the UK than any other artist. They have been awarded seven Grammy Awards and are the best selling band in history. In 2004, they were ranked “The Best Artist of All Time” by Rolling Stones.


Did You Know?
·  The Beatles song “Yesterday” is the most covered song in the history of music.
·  Their album titled “1” is the fastest selling album of all time.
·  Their song “Inner Groove” included a very high pitched tone that only dogs have the ability to hear.
·  The musical is named “Let It Be” because it was the band's last LP.
·  Let It Be is the first theatrical act to have gained the rights to The Beatles' back catalogue.