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Nate Eppler's Larries is ready to make its world premiere  September 07, 2013 at the Tennessee Repertory Theater. The production will open the 2013/2014 season with previews beginning on September 05, 2013 at Johnson Theater, TPAC.

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September 2013

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Under the guidance of Tennessee artistic director Rene Copeland, artistic associate Lauren Shouse and playwright Steven Dietz, Larries was initially developed as part of the Tennessee Repertory Theater's Ingram New Works Festival during the 2011/2012 season. Today, it is hailed as one of the most distinctive plays in the world of theater.

The Plot:

The Larries plot revolves around Wanda who sends her husband, Larry an email. Wanda's message is about having another baby or she would be asking for a divorce. Larry does not reply to the email and this leaves Wanda wondering. To find out why Larry is not replying, Wanda goes home and discovers a whole lot of Larries everywhere. She is in a state of utter confusion as she does not know which one is her Larry. A question arises as to whether or not Wanda would accept him even if she finds her own Larry. To find out the answer, all you need is your share of the Larries tickets.

Cast and Creative:

The main players of the production include Amanda Card as MacKenzie, Geoff Davin as Evil Larry, David Compton as Larry, Tony Morton as Single Larry, Shannon Hoppe as Wanda and Bob Wyckoff as Heartbreak Larry. These cast members have wonderfully brought their characters to life. Moreover, the creative team has also done a fantastic job in enhancing the overall beauty of the production. A teaching artist and playwright, Nate Eppler has written several plays including Larries, Long Way Down, Keeping up with the Joneses and Sextape (& Other Stories). A beneficiary of the Individual Artist Fellowship and the Tennessee Arts Commission Professional Development Support Grant, he knows what it takes to delight the audience. Since the past few years, Nate Eppler has been serving as the resident playwright of the Tennessee Repertory Theater. He feels very proud to be a part of the Tennessee Rep because the theater does not only appreciates his work but also invests in him as an artist. Hailing from the southeastern US, Eppler has also served as an executive director of the Playhouse Nashville, a company that develops and produces works of the southern playwrights. The talented artist also curates the quarterly festival, The Ten Minute Playhouse that comprises of new productions by the Tennessee playwrights.

The Venue:

Founded in 1985, Tennessee Repertory Theater is one of the best regional theaters that bring the community together by putting on spectacular shows. Under the former tutelage of Mac Pirkle and Martha Ingram, Tennessee Rep's main aim was delivering artistic excellence to the Nashville and Middle Tennessee community by producing high quality shows. Over time, the company expanded its mission and included the production of new musicals as well. Currently, the theater is run by Nashville's celebrated director, René D. Copeland who has completed his Masters in Acting and Directing from the University of North Carolina and Bachelors from the University of Montevallo.

Five Reasons to watch Larries:

  1. The production involves a very carefully selected cast whose talent shines through the material.
  2. Tennessee Repertory Theater has whole teams dedicated to stage design, costumes, lighting and theater artists to produce high quality shows.
  3. Nate Eppler always has something new on stage to mesmerize the theater lovers. This production will be no different
  4. Eppler is a talented playwright who has got several original scripts read and produced on stage.
  5. He has written a Victorian love story called The Future Mrs. that has opened to great acclaim.