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The award winning cabaret show, La Soiree is inviting theatre lovers to witness its spectacular show that has been able to win the hearts of fans all over the world. The upcoming event that has been named as one of the most fun-filled variety shows is making its way to Union Square Theatre in New York City. Recent productions have been held in Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Hamburg, Montreal, Chicago, London, Aalborg, Stockholm and Umea and have been gathering a positive critical reception. The renowned spectacle is now making its way to New York where it will be exciting residents of the city. La Soiree tickets are expected to bring in audiences from all over the state.

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La Soiree


Cabaret and Burlesque

Performances include

Circus acts, Acrobats, Singing and dancing

Introducing La Soiree

The La Soiree is a multi-variety show that was inaugurated back in 2010. Making its debut appearance in London, held at the South Bank Big Top, the show brought forth artists such as Ursula Martinez, Miss Behave, Captain Frodo, Camille O’Sullivan, David O’Mer, Jess Love, Mooky Cornish, Bret Pfisher and Le Gateau Chocolat. Due to the massive appreciation of the show, La Soiree’s London tour was extended and regular showcases were held from October till 30th January, 2011. La Soiree emerged out of the Australian variety show, La Clique. Numerous performers from La Clique along with Brett Haylock, who was the creative producer at La Clique gathered to work on a unique show that would be called La Soiree. Initially the production showcased a small, red stage with audiences sitting around the stage. These showcases presented a rotating cast that consisted of twenty five artists that presented varying shows each night. Performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe the performers toured throughout New York, London, Dublin, Sydney, Paris and Stockholm. After ending their tenure with La Clique in 2010, the artists started appearing in La Soiree.

Tours & Productions over the Years

Over the years, La Soiree has made its way to various cities of America, Chicago, Montreal and Canada. In 2012, the variety show toured across Germany, Denmark, London, Sweden and Australia. The Australian tour was extended till 2013 and the production was held in cities namely Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin and Brisbane. In 2013, La Soiree announced it would be seen making its way to the Union Square Theatre located in New York City. Venues where La Soiree has shined include Idunteatern, Grona Lund, Sydney Opera House, the Lighthouse, Garden of Unearthly Delights, The Spiegeltent, L’Olympia, the Roundhouse, the Riverfront Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Fliegende Bauten Hamburg and the Courier Mall Spiegeltent, to name a few.

Critical Reception and Reviews

The La Soiree show has been impressing critic organizations for years now. Entertainment Weekly describes La Soiree as being “mesmerizing, burlesque and vaudeville”. Flavorpill states that “the show is definitely not made for kids, but will entertain adults of all ages”. While Time Out New York called it “Sexy Razzle-Dazzle”, the UK Express and Time Out London gave it a rating of five stars. In a stage review written by critic Marc Snetiker from Entertainment Weekly, the critic provided the show with a score of A minus, stating that it provides something much more than traditional acrobatics and comedy. The unconventional show breaks away from your traditional circus performances and presents tricks that push normal boundaries.

Currently characters that are known to perform in La Soiree include Captain Frodo, Carl-Einar Hackner, La Gateau Chocolat, Katherine and Hugo, Marawa, Nate Cooper, Omar Cortes, the Skating Willers, up & over it, the Wau Wau Sisters and Paul Capsis, including others. Together they present an excitingly entertaining presentation that is impossible to resist.


Did You Know?

  • La Soiree has performed a total of three seasons since 2010. Season 3 is currently undergoing performances.
  • La Soiree has been nominated for awards namely Adelaide Fringe Festival Fringe Award, Chortle Awards, London Cabaret Awards, Evening Standard Award, Les Globes de Cristal, Laurence Olivier Award and Brighton Festival Fringe Award.
  • Awards won were from the category of “Best One-Off Production”, “Best Entertainment” and “Best of the Fringe Festival”.
  • La Soiree has been awarded four star reviews from the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, Time Out, MusicOMH, Financial Times, the Independent and the Guardian.
  • La Soiree presented its first season from October 2011 to January 2012. Season 2 initiated in February 2012 and closed in November 2012. The current season was inaugurated in March 2013.