La Clemenza Di Tito Tickets

La Clemenza Di Tito (The Clemency of Titus) is a famous opera composed by the legendary Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. One of his final works, the opera combines his brilliant ingenuity, unique composing skills and years of experience in what some critics’ term as one of his best efforts. The opera is being performed live at the famous Civic Opera House by one of the leading opera companies in the country, Lyric Opera of Chicago. La Clemenza Di Tito tickets will allow you to witness this engrossing tale of love, hate, jealousy and betrayal, in a powerful, moving performance by the Lyric Opera.


La Clemenza Di Tito


Lyric Opera of Chicago


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Civic Opera House


By July 1791, Mozart was working on another masterpiece, The Magic Flute, when he was commissioned by Domenico Guardasoni to compose a new opera seria to celebrate the coronation of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II as the new King of Bohemia. Since time was short and La Clemenza Di Tito had social and political ramifications, it was chosen as the opera to be presented. 

The libretto for the opera had already been penned down almost fifty years before by Pietro Metastasio. The official court poet Caterino Mazolla edited the libretto and made it more comprehensive and adaptable.  Mozart had a very short time period to work on the opera, but reportedly succeeded in completing it only eighteen days - a remarkable achievement for any composer.


The Opera is set in the year 71 AD, and is based on the reign of Roman Emperor Tito. The crux of the story stems from the jealousy of Vitellia, daughter of the deposed emperor Vitellio, who loves the new emperor Tito and wants to marry him. She instigates Tito’s close friend and her ardent admirer Sesto to assassinate the emperor when she finds out he plans to have Bernice as a consort.

A moving tale of jealousy, intrigue, love, hate and betrayal, the opera builds up to a climax with a depiction of the chaos of the great fire that ravaged the Roman capital. When the dust has settled, it remains to be seen how the characters react to the aftermath of the attempted assassination.

Lyric Opera of Chicago:

Founded in 1954 by Carol Fox, Lawrence Kelly and Nicola Rescigno, the Lyric Opera of Chicago has established a reputation of artistic excellence and creative innovation over the last sixty years. Its consistency as a world class performing arts company sets it apart and has made the Lyric Opera of Chicago one of the leading opera companies in the country.

This version of Tito will star some of opera’s most well known voices. Singing the part of Tito is award winning tenor, Matthew Polenzani, who won the prestigious Richard Tucker Award in 2004. Accompanying him on stage will be Grammy Award winning soprano Joyce DiDonato who plays Sesto and the highly talented Amanda Majeski as Vitellia.

One of the most anticipated opera’s of this season performed by one of the leading opera companies in the country: reason enough for you to buy La Clemenza Di Tito tickets. So plan accordingly and mark the dates on your calendar so that you do not miss out on the performance.


Interesting Facts:

  • After being performed at the coronation ceremony, the opera was performed for the public for the first time on 6th September, 1791 in Prague.
  • The Opera was first staged in London in 1806, after which it was performed almost 150 years later in 1957.
  • The 2006 film Daratt was inspired by the opera.
  • During the 2011-2012 season almost eighty nine performances of the opera took place in sixteen different cities the world over.
  • Mozart was not originally considered to compose the Opera since he was considered too young.