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An interesting story, incorporating battle of sexes with a perfect mixture of romance and bickering, is beautifully portrayed by the musical ‘Kiss me Kate’. Like several other Broadway productions, ‘Kiss me Kate’ brings a perfect entertainment package. Premiering for the first time in 1948 the play has been revived several times since then and even till today it has never failed to fascinate the audiences. Now once again this incredible story is being performed to thrill the spectators for which Kiss me Kate tickets are being sold in large numbers.

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Kiss Me Kate

Run Time:

1 Hour and 49 Minutes




The story of the musical ‘Kiss me Kate’ involves the musical version of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. The musical is a splendid delight to watch. Portraying an on-stage and off-stage conflict of romantic couples during the making of the play it presents an interesting storyline. Kiss me Kate tickets are being sold in large numbers and theatre fans can hardly wait to see the amazing performance live on stage.

The Story

The musical ‘Kiss Me Kate’ shows the production of another musical in its plot which is a play by William Shakespeare. The character of Fred Graham is of a producer and actor working with his ex-wife Lilli Vanessi as the lead roles of the Taming of the Shrew. The twist in the story is another young and attractive actress Lois Lane. The love triangle presents an interesting chemistry that never fails to absorb audiences into it.

This is not all. Lois Lane also has a boyfriend who appears later because he was gambling and could not attend Lois’s rehearsals. He signs an IOU in Fred’s name worth ten thousand dollars and two thugs also appear to collect that money from Fred. Surprise after surprise unfolds as the story progresses rendering it impossible for the audiences to lose interest, even for a moment during the length of the play.

Accolades so far

The play premiered for the first time in 1949, and bagged five Toy Awards, including the one for Best Musical. The year 1999 brought a Broadway revival for the production and earned the remarkable story another five Tony awards along with seven more nominations. London revivals of 2001 and 2012 were no different. Scoring several Laurence Olivier nominations and pocketing many critics’ awards, the production maintained its supremacy and excellence of theatricality and performance. Now Kiss me Kate tickets are available once again and the speed with which theatre lovers are buying them is an indication of a smash hit record once again for the musical’s repertoire.

The Characters

The character of Fred is egotistical and moody. His character is destined to make many men in the audiences relate to the frustration and complexities of the character. His ex-wife’s character, Lilli, is similarly much relatable by the women- someone who is still in love despite the hardships and grievances that have come in their relationship. Lois and her boyfriend Bill present an interesting contrast to these two characters and allow the story to come alive on stage. Side by side the timely unfolding of twists and turns keep the spectators absorbed. The rest is for the audiences to find for themselves by watching the incredible performance live.


More about Kiss Me Kate

  • Kiss Me Kate has become so popular that there are bakery items and sentimental occasions themed around its concept.
  • The most interesting aspect of the musical is the portrayal of another musical’s production which presents an interesting paradox.
  • The music and lyrics for the musical are given by the renowned Cole Porter and the original pieces are still used in the performance.
  • The original cast recording was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame.
  • The play has had more than a thousand performances only on Broadway.