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The events of Indianapolis City Ballet are a fabulous gathering of great dancers of today giving exciting performances of great ballets. Their selection of ballets is both contemporary and classic presented by seasoned dancers. The ultimate goal of this ballet company is to make it the best ballet center internationally and also to conduct the best outreach and educational initiatives to bring the community together as students. One event that Indianapolis City Ballet is particularly famous for is ‘Evening with the Stars' where excellent ballet dancers from around the world come together annually to perform, attracting audience from all over.

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Indianapolis City Ballet



Board Members:

Chairman: Robert Hesse

Vice Chairman: Jane Fortune

Ballet dancers are the most graceful, agile, swift, poised yet tough kind of dancers who dance around to beautiful music and make it appear effortless. Their flawless performances come from a lot of hard work and hence, inspirational for the onlooker. Indianapolis City Ballet is one company in Indiana which brings the best of them on one stage. The ballet company's main objective is to bring together and strengthen the ballet art community not only from Indianapolis but from all over the world. There is a whole culture of dance at the company that accommodates every aesthetic be it ballroom, jazz, classic, contemporary, scholastic or professional.

About Indianapolis City Ballet

The company surfaced on the Indianapolis art and entertainment scene in 2009 and in a short while has gained a reputation of one of the best. Notable events of this ballet company include ‘Young Star of Ballet 2011', performances in Spotlight Indy at Clowes Hall and ‘The Penny and Jock Fortune Master Class Series'.

Evening with the Stars

For the past four years, Indianapolis City Ballet's production ‘Evening with the Stars' has been attracting the crowd. It is hailed as one of the most exciting ballet events. The show brings together a troupe of wonderful ballet dancers from around the world and seeing all that in one evening, on a single stage is simply exhilarating. With these diverse artists performing their signature pieces, the event forms up to be a stunning combination of contemporary and classical ballet. Over the years, this event has become a big highlight of the year for ballet dance lovers.

The Live Experience

For anyone who is a fan of ballet, a performance from Indianapolis City Ballet is a must watch. What goes on behind the screen is a whole other story but what goes on the stage is athleticism and elegance at its highest form – and it is something worth watching. Indianapolis City Ballet tickets are available throughout the year with its incredible performances for all and sundry; provided they possess a taste of appreciating this high form of art and dance.


More about Indianapolis City Ballet

  1. The New York Times called The Next Step “The dance event of the season”.
  2. “More dance is good for everyone” is the philosophy of the company.
  3.  Evening with the Stars is performed at The Murat Theatre – Indianapolis, Indiana.
  4. Sponsors of the company include CICF, Lilly, Conrad, Holeman, Jetlinx, Zest, Kinney Dancewear and IceMiller.
  5. Kevin Hesse is the executive director/producer of the company while Jolinda Menendez is the performance and Master Class director.