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In the Mood recreates some of the perennial hits of the unforgettable Swing era of the 1940s with its extensive orchestral, singing and dance arrangements. The musical revue pays tribute to some of the legendary artists of the past in a refreshing way. Authentic orchestrations, great singing and sassy costumes fill the intimate atmosphere of the show with color and music. The group will be visiting multiple venues of the US, Canada and Australia as part of their 20th year celebration of consistent touring. Experience this extravaganza to enjoy the timeless music of the Big Band and Swing era of the 40s. 

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In the Mood Musical Revue




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In the Mood is built to recreate the music of the 40s that took the entire world by storm and uplifted their spirit during the unfortunate event of the World War II. With some of the highly talented professionals, the group put on a show that celebrates the essence of swing, jazz and rock.

Historical Overview

The history of the band goes back to the 90s when it started during the 50th anniversary of the World War II. Backed by the National Archives in Washington, DC, the group performed to a massive crowd. The show was lauded by the attendees that set the never ending journey of the group which continues to date. In 1993, their repeat performance at the Constitution Avenue attracted thousands of people who witnessed the show.

Due to the popularity of the show, In the Mood started performing at the multiple venues of the country. Later, the group collaborated with the United Service Organization (USO) and toured around the US. Their shows were well received by the audiences that encouraged the group to regularly perform to multitudes of audiences. Since then, the troupe has presented their shows to several sold out crowds in different countries of the world.

The Talented Team

A number of instrumentalists, soloists, arrangers and dancers make up the creative team of In the Mood. Some of the most amazing singers and dancers include Stephanie Gaertner, Laura La Cara, Katrina Asmar, Joshua David Cavanaugh, Dan Faber and Nick Punkuch. These artists have showcased their talent on a world level and serve as the most vital part of the group. With their skillful singing and dancing, they present the historical era just the way it should be.

The group is accompanied by the String of Pearls Orchestra. An impressive set of tenors and instrumentalists, the orchestra serves as the backbone of the show. Greg Armstrong, Tom Dupin, Hal Fryer, Andy Hainz, Jim Hayward, Steve Walters, Brandon Moodie, Rodney Lancaster, Chris Dunn and Andrew Golden constitute the orchestral crew. With their respective talents, these members complete the sound of the show.  

In the Mood is created by the multitalented Bud Forrest while Alex Sanchez serves as the stage director and choreographer of the show. The colorful costumes are designed by highly imaginative Linda Tomlin. David Bandman and Vic Schoen contribute as the arrangers of the show. Working as one unit, these members deliver a superior musical experience to the audiences.

Get In the Mood

In the Mood is celebrating their 20th year on tour. This season’s lineup includes a number of genre-defining songs of the Swing era that will have the audiences tapping their feet to their memorable beats. Stunning choreography and playful outfits will pump up the live music and will get you in the mood to sing along. Experience one of their exciting shows when the group visits your town.


More About In the Mood

  • In 2011, In the Mood performed to 32 sold out shows in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The group was one of the entertainment acts during the 53rd Presidential Inauguration in the US.
  • The show includes more than fifty smash hits of the Big Band era.
  • String of Pearls Orchestra has been voted “Best Local Band”.
  • In the Mood recently had three sold out shows at the Capitol Theater in Sydney.