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Iluminate Artist Of Light Tickets

The electrifying and vibrant new dance show, iLuminate: Artist of Light has been the talk of the town since its formation and has become a major crowd puller in no time. Blending art, dance, music and magical lights, iLuminate has managed to wow thousands of viewers while earning critical appraise. The show reveals a romantic and adventurous tale through a range of dance styles that keep the audiences glued to the stage. It also features a patent-pending illumination technology that has been the highlight of the show and continues to enthrall crowds after crowds. This season, iLuminate will be bringing this spectacular show to the Off-Broadway Theatre, the New World Stages.

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Artist of Light


New World Stages - Stage 4

The Beginnings

Mixing ground breaking illumination technology with professional dance entertainers, iLuminate creates an unparalleled performing arts experience for the viewers. iLuminate began its theatrical journey in 2009 and quickly gained fame through word of mouth. However, the illumination artists came under the national spotlight in 2011 when they embraced the ‘America’s Got Talent’ stage and reached the finals on the celebrated reality TV show. The live TV performance was viewed by millions around the country and later received thousands of YouTube hits. Following iLuminate’s success on TV, the group of artists took the road and toured around the world, performing for awestruck crowds.

The Show

iLuminate also made its Off-Broadway debut with the signature show, Artist of Light. The show has become a hit with the audiences as well as critics. It takes the viewers on a visionary ride while revealing a highly engaging story of a young talented artist Jacob. Unable to connect with the real world, Jacob takes refuge in his imaginations. Through his magical paint brush, Jacob manages to bring his imaginative characters to real life. However, things start falling apart for Jacob when his magic paintbrush falls in the wrong hands. This leads Jacob on an adventures and thrilling journey to save his friends and town without his magical tool.

The Venue and Live Experience

Rest assured, iLuminate’s signature theatrical production Artist of Light will surely be a highly incredible and captivating affair. The show will be staged at one of the most sought after Off-Broadway venues, the New World Stages. Initially built as the ‘Dodger Stages’ in 2004, the venue was designed by Klara Zieglerova and Sachs Morgan. The venue houses five stages, each with varying capacity. Currently, the New World Stages is home to two Broadway shows ‘Peter and the Starcatcher’ and ‘Avenue Q’. Over the years, the venue has staged forty-one Off-Broadway productions and continues to present highly exciting new productions.

With a capacity of 360 seats, the Stage 4 offers the perfect place to witness a riveting show like Artist of Light. This season, the iLuminate Artist of Light tickets will be in high demand due to the show’s growing popularity. So make sure to reserve your seat at the New World Stages and catch the compelling and magical performance by the illumination artists for an unforgettable experience.


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  • A Spectacular Performance! Mesmerizing!’ - Good Morning America
  • This stunning light show is dazzling audiences daily.’ -
  • One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Great Job!’ – John Miranda