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‘Harmony: A New Musical’ is an innovative story told from the point of view of a Rabbi in 1920’s setting in Germany. The play shows the twists and turns of the first ever boy band to achieve amazing success through their incredible blend of musical harmonies and spectacular performances. Written by Bruce Sussman and music by Barry Manilow, this musical has been their project for many years. Harmony tickets are available now for all those who have a taste for entertaining musicals.

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Harmony: A New Musical

Age Limit:

Suitable for ages 13 and above



Harmony: A New Musical has an ensemble of eleven performers playing over thirty roles, including the personification of some of the most well-known historical personalities like Albert Einstein and Marlene Dietrich. The storyline is derived from real life events of a group of musicians who were the first ever boy band to have gained incredible success in the 1920’s Germany. The Harmony tickets are in demand as theatre lovers are excited to see these characters come to life on stage once again.

A Peek into their Show

The musical describes the story of a group of Comedian Harmonists. Six talented young men join together to create their signature blend of harmonies coupled with entertaining yet hilarious adventures. This distinctive combination of talent allows them to take the country by storm and sell millions of records. Theses sophisticated harmonies and spectacular performances will be brought before the audiences once again in this musical.

The story moves on and describes the continued super success of the band. Having starred in dozens of films, made records and played in concerts, their world changes forever. The musical truly celebrates this talented group of musicians and describes their story in a much heartfelt manner. Their extraordinary friendship and the resolve to stand firm in the face of whatever life throws at them is impressive as well as inspiring.

The Crew and The Creators

Returning to his Jewish and Broadway roots is the amazingly talented Barry Manilow. The singer and songwriter is all set to dazzle again in this musical Harmony. On the same platform is another talented mind, that of Bruce Sussman. Both Manilow and Sussman have been working on Harmony musical for a long time and both share the same passion for the production because of their Jewish upbringing as well as their profound love for musical theatre. The director for the show is Tony Speciale along with the music director Patrick Vaccariello. Both of these talented individuals are equally geared as Sussman and Manilow. And their efforts have worked towards making the musical flawless and supremely entertaining even for those who are new additions to theatre fans.

The cast of the play on the other hand comprise of Will Blum, Chris Dwan, Douglas Williams, Will Taylor, Tony Yazbeck, Hannah Corneau, Leigh Ann Larkin, and in the narrator Rabbi’s role Wayne Alan Wilcox. The performers and wonderful singers are destined to leave the audiences breathless with their incredible performances and acting skills. The lineup of actors as well as the production team is a major reason in the soaring popularity of the play and demand for Harmony tickets.

More about the Musical

  • The twist in the play is about a religious composition creating a rift between the band and the society.
  • The musical includes original score that celebrates the real life of musicians in 1920 Germany.
  • Harmony premiered in 1997 in California for the first time.
  • The Comedian Harmonists knew the figures personified in the play like Albert Einstein, Richard Strauss and Marlene Dietrich.
  • The Jewish origin of some musicians and Nazi implications form a major part of the twists and turns in the musical.