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The question remains, to be or not to be? Over the years, this line alone, based on the indecision of a person has kept the Shakespearean fans pondering. Now is your chance to catch another powerful production of Hamlet, this time in Denver at the Stage Theatre. This timeless classic is going to inspire the English literature lovers once again. The Hamlet tickets for the event have already been made available and are selling fast. Hamlet is one of the plays that found immense fame during Shakespeare’s life, and continues to entertain the theater fans even today.




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Kent Thompson 

The Tragedy of Hamlet

Regarded across the world as one of the greatest plays ever to be written, the signature Shakespearean tragedy of Hamlet unveils the tale of revenge, corruption and deceit. The story revolves around Prince of Denmark and his suicidal tendencies and thirst for revenge against his father’s murderer, which often bring him to the point of “to be or not to be”. He must find the right answer to the question. Filled with enticing themes of drunkenness, sex, vengeance, suicide and corruption, Hamlet portrays a dark image of relationships and man’s everlasting lust for sipping from the pool passion.

For decades, scholars and critics have spent time trying to analyze Hamlet. The writer, the play itself, the characters – many actors have taken up the tantalizing roles of the play over the centuries and one thing is for sure; if there is life in direction and acting, the play always leaves a mark, wherever it is staged. The role that has tricked the directors and actors for years is one of the disturbed Dane. Pouring in emotion and confusion of the character in acting is not easy, and it will be safe to say that it is definitely one of the toughest roles ever to have existed.

Hamlet at Stage Theatre

The long and remarkable history of Shakespeare’s Hamlet has made it a popular production to be staged at every theater of significant importance across the globe. This new Denver Center Theatre Company production of Hamlet, directed by Kent Thompson will bring the story of madness to Stage Theatre. It will be an overstatement to say that the production is going to be “groundbreaking”. But then it is Hamlet, and any slightly strong creative team turns it into a ground breaking production. So, in the end it comes down to the audiences to attend the event, and be the critics themselves.

The Mood & Setting

Once you enter the Stage Theatre to attend a live Hamlet show, first thing that will catch your eye will be the grimly lit stage, along with the high gravestone monument that stands tall in the background. Further on, you will get to see a carousel and a baby carriage. In the foreground, the audiences get to notice the broken wall decorated with creepy, faceless portraits of the past kings. Hence, even before the real thing begins, the whole setting of the theatre is going to bring you in the “mood” of Hamlet. One word that comes to mind about this new production of Hamlet is that it is: hauntingly real.


More about Hamlet

  • Hamlet is Shakespeare’s longest play.
  • It happens to be the most widely produced play in the world.
  • It is said that in one of the productions, Shakespeare himself appeared as the Ghost at the Globe.
  • The very first actor who took up the role of Hamlet was Richard Burbage.
  • The castle which is mentioned in the play actually exists at Danish port of Helsingør and is called “Kronborg Castle”.