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The legendary actor Hal Holbrook has fascinated generation after generation with his on-screen as well as stage talents. The actor has charmed theatre halls with his celebrated one man show, Mark Twain Tonight, which features Hal as the legendary author and humorist, Mark Twain. The show has earned critical as well as commercial acclaim over the years and continues to run at sold out venues around the country. This season, Hal will once again take the stage as Mark Twain and deliver a spectacular presentation of Mark’s comic writings. The artist will bring his renowned show to several stages including Austin’s Paramount Theatre, Greenvale’s Tilles Center For Performing Arts and Washington’s National Theatre. 

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The Artist

Born in 1925 in Cleveland, Hal graduated from the Denison University and later served in the US Army during World War II. He began performing as Mark Twain during the mid 1950s and soon received national exposure. Apart from his illustrious Mark Twain Tonight show, Hal has appeared in numerous films, theatre shows and TV series. He won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in the 1967 TV series based on the biography by Carl Sandburg. In 1970, the actor won a Primetime Emmy Award for his role in the TV series, ‘The Bold Ones: The Senator’. Hal also received an Oscar nomination for his role in the critically acclaimed 2007 film, ‘Into the Wild’, for ‘Best Supporting Actor’. Some of his recent TV series and films include ‘Rectify’, ‘Lincoln’, ‘Good Day For It’ and ‘Water for Elephants’.

Mark Twain Tonight

The idea of Mark Twain Tonight show originated in the 1950s when Hal began performing a show with wife Ruby that featured Hal impersonating several famous people while Ruby interviewed him. Later in the 1954, Hal re-imagined the show and transformed it into a one man act. He staged the first show in Pennsylvania at the Lock Haven State Teachers College. After playing the show in Europe as well as US on tour, Hal made his first Off-Broadway appearance in 1959. Later, the show made its Broadway premiere in 1966, receiving widespread acclaim.

Following the success of Broadway premiere, Hal won a Tony Award for ‘Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play’ for presenting the show at the Forty First Street Theatre, where it ran for more than hundred and seventy performances. In 1967, the show was made into a TV special that aired on CBS Network. It won an Emmy Award nomination for Hal in the category of ‘Outstanding Leading Actor’.

Holbrook Live On Stage

Hal Holbrook continues to enthrall fans at sold out shows every year. His comic timings and engaging live performances keep the audiences glued to the stage throughout the show. Every year, thousands of fans seek Hal Holbrook tickets in order to catch the legendary actor portray America’s finest author. This season, the artist gears-up for another series of live shows around the country. So make sure to be a part of this exciting journey and enjoy a fun filled memorable evening with your loved ones.


Did You Know

  • As of 2013, Hal has been performing the Mark Twain Tonight show for fifty-nine consecutive years.
  • Hal’s 2007 Oscar nomination made him the oldest nominee in history for ‘Best Supporting Actor’, at age 82.
  • Hal has portrayed Mark Twain in more than 2000 performances, surpassing Samuel Langhorne Clemens own performances as Mark Twain.
  • Over the years, Hal has been nominated for twelve Primetime Emmy Awards in various categories, winning five awards.
  • Hal’s first national TV appearance as Mark Twain was in 1956 on the Ed Sullivan Show.