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Coming from the incredibly talented minds of Stephen King, T Bone Burnett and John Mellencamp, the “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” is a very unique performance. Premiering in Atlanta last year, the musical stage performance has dominated the world of performing arts in a short period of time. The musicians Mellencamp and Burnett have co-written this southern gothic musical along with the infamous Stephen King. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County tickets are selling quickly as the regular theatre goers are certain to experience a brand new show.

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The idea for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County began in the nineties when John Mellencamp and Stephen King collaborated to stage a piece about a haunted cabin. T Bone Burnett also joined in and hence came into existence Ghost Brothers of Darkland County tickets which are now in demand. The combined minds of veteran rockstars and a horror writer were destined to produce a performance that is set to be quite a big hit with theater goers.

Reality ? That’s for the audience to decide

Indiana rocker John Mellencamp bought a rustic vacation cabin almost two decades ago.  The previous owner was convinced that the cabin was haunted by the ghosts of two brothers and a girl whom they both loved. Adding real terror to the story was the fact that all three of them had died horrifically about half a century earlier. Generally people who do not believe such tales simply laugh them off. But instead, Mellencamp decided to materialize the story on stage. For that purpose he called upon Stephen King to join him in this project. Mellencamp believed King to be the man who could breathe life into this story by accurately portraying the events.


The story of the play deals with an American Family whose members are aged between fifteen and a hundred. Written with each character in mind, the story of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is truly a delight to watch. The story revolves around two brothers who have an immense aversion to each other and are quite competitive as a result. Their father takes them on a vacation for some R & R and that is where the tragedy strikes.

The tragedy shown in the play is as thrilling as it is entertaining, and despite being a musical, the element of horror is not easy to ignore. During the play, performers represent the living and the dead, sing to the audience and it becomes impossible to differentiate between fantasy and reality. It is no surprise that Ghost Brothers of Darkland County tickets are in such high demand.

The Music Experience

The music by John Mellencamp is, needless to say, remarkable. His stylistically varied and passionately reminiscent lyrics are certain to have a heartfelt effect on the listeners. The fog-laden darkness of the theatre along with the haunting lyrics are enough to leave anyone watching wanting more. The twists at every turn are only enhanced when Mellencamp’s tunes and are combined with the incredible performance on stage. The evocative musical score throughout the play is by no means less than extraordinary.

Similarly, T Bone Burnett has also sprinkled his unique magic by including archaic radio play with brief contextual dialogues. The music plays an important role in storytelling, which undoubtedly keeps the audience on their toes looking for the next clue. Exposing the psyche, persona and particular character traits, Burnett’s songs compliment the plot extremely well.

The abilities of these musicians along with profound yet interestingly creative ideas of Stephen King beautifully echoes themes of love, lust, betrayal, loss, jealousy and ultimately tragedy. All in all, the beauty of the musical cannot be explained through words. It must be watched with friends and family.

More bits about the Play…

  1. Due to high public demand, a CD/DVD containing the songs of the musical have been released in June this year.
  2. There are at least seventeen songs in the musical, each telling the character’s own story in a unique way.
  3. The play premiered in Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012.
  4. There are plans for a twenty-city all across the U.S. tour by the end of 2013.
  5. Two of the most distinctively provocative moments in the play are when ‘So Goddam Good’ and ‘So Goddam Smart’ are sung on stage.