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Broadway has produced several smash hits, but when it comes to ‘Forever Tango’, it is a novel experience even for the most devoted theatre goers. More than two hours of spirited tangoing, the musical will certainly instill passion and excitement with its melodramatic style. Forever Tango tickets are providing many with an opportunity to forget their dull routines by getting lost in the passion and beauty of stunning tango performances.

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Forever Tango

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Tango & Forever Tango

Tango originated as a form of dance in turn-of-the-century Argentina. As many immigrants from Africa, Europe and other diverse backgrounds started to arrive in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, they found themselves in a strange land among unfamiliar people.  Coming into being as an expression of frustrated love and repressed desires by these foreigners in a land of strangers, Tango indeed epitomized the feelings of immigrants and social outcasts of the nineteenth century. Tango as a form of dancing provided a distraction for these people to ease out their troubles and sense of disenfranchisement.

When Luis Bravo decided to put Tango in ‘Forever Tango’, he made sure that the dance still carries with it the expression of repressed feelings and frustrated passions. Sensuous and sophisticated output that finally came out on stage has thrilled thousands since its inception in 1994 and still continues to steal people’s hearts away. The musical has received international acclaim, fans and critics appreciate alike the remarkable performances of the play.

The Musical

The incredible theatre performance is a full fledge tango ride where the story is told through a flick of the hand, a tug of the leg, a tap of the foot, a curved smile and an arch of a brow. Passionate melancholic all at the same time, Forever Tango is a rollercoaster of emotions. Sixteen exceptionally talented tango dancers along with an extraordinary vocalist and an eleven-piece orchestra are destined to enthrall spectators and leave them breathless.

Premiered in 1994 in San Francisco, Forever Tango fascinated and thrilled audiences for two years. In 1997 the musical opened on Broadway, where it played for fourteen months and pocketed Drama Desk and Tony Award nominations during that time as well. The play received acclaim from fans and critics alike and returned for a brief period in 2004 again. Forever Tango tickets are available once again, as the incredible piece of performing arts is back to mesmerize the audiences once again.

What’s new this time?

In an era of flashy exhibitionisms of TV dancing shows, the musical Forever Tango has also played a master stroke. The tall, sexy and sinuous couple from Dancing with the Stars, Chmerkovskiy and Smirnoff are now included in the cast of the musical performances. Dancing away the intricate details of tango effortlessly, the duo is indeed incredible in moves and showmanship. The routines in the play that feature the duo are among the highlights of the show. One of the romantic second-acts by the two wonderful dancers combines the traditional tango moves with ballet steps making the performance all the more magical.

Another attraction added to this season’s showing of the play is the inclusion of the Grammy Award Winner Gilberto Santa Rosa. The passionate moves, emotions and looks of the Argentine classic now also have the unique rhythm and style of Santa Rosa incorporated into the performances. His songs have the perfect heartbreaking lyrics to be added to the show, which would only add to the already splendid piece. Hence, Forever Tango tickets have more than one reason to be selling out and fans are in a hurry to buy their tickets before the stocks run out.

A Little Bit More…

  1. The eleven-piece orchestra for the play performs live behind the dancing performances on stage
  2. The creator of the musical Luis Bravo himself plays on the cello in the play’s orchestra.
  3. Ranges of height, age and weight have been carefully monitored for a flawless dance presentation on stage.
  4. The five times Grammy Award Winner Gilberto Santa Rosa is a guest star on this season’s performances.
  5. The dance routines in the musical include Ballet, Salsa and Latin dances also along with Tango.