Elf Tickets

When Elf – The Musical came out on Broadway some years back, it blew off every other Holiday special show off the stage. It turned out to be a never-seen-before holiday spectacle that everyone loved. The musical is not “serious theater” instead; it is sweet and harmonic, a touching tale of loyalty. It gave successful runs on Broadway in the Christmas seasons starting from2010 and also made a U.S. tour in 2012. And now, after the success of the previous tour, a new one is all ready to go around the country entertaining families. The current tour schedule will have the musical playing in Raleigh, Omaha, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis and Miami among other many cities.   

Event Name:

Elf – The Musical

Run Time:

2hrs 15mins (intermission included)

Popular Scores:

Sparklejollytwinklejingly, In the Way, World's Greatest Dad

Nobody Cares about Santa, A Christmas Song

Based on the 2003 motion picture named "Elf" starring Will Ferrell, Elf – The Musical is a loveable story of Buddy, an orphan child who crawled into Santa's bag and got transported to the North Pole with him. Buddy and everyone at the North Pole face the truth that he is human when he grows up to be over-sized than the elves. He takes Santa's permission to go back to New York to search for his family and to his surprise, finds out that people there does not know the meaning of Christmas. So he takes upon himself to bring the Christmas spirit back in his family and what follows is a cheerful, zippy, funny yet a heart-warming tale presented with spectacular dances and jingly-jolly music.  
The Musical's Journey to Broadway

A workshop preview of the musical was staged in 2009, after which it was taken to Broadway's Hirschfeld Theatre in November, 2010. Directed by Casey Nicholaw, Elf – The Musical ran for 57 regular performances and 15 previews until its final performance in November, 2011. The musical is based on the book by Thomas Meehan and Bob Martin and the score is given by Chad Beguelin and Mathew Sklar. Original cast included Jersey Boys and Wicked star Sebastian Arcelus and Broadway alums Beth Leavel and Amy Spanger. The musical received mostly mix reviews and also some negatives but that all covered up when the Hirshcfeld box office broke records three times. Its first North American tour was presented by NETworks. This mini-tour featured a non-equity cast and played in select cities. An independent production of the musical ran for a limited time in Seattle at the 5th Avenue Theatre.
The Musical Renewed

Considering what a hit the original production of the musical was, a Broadway revival was produced and returned to Al Hirschfeld for the holiday season of 2012. The show which began performances in November of 2012 lasted until January 2013. This new production was based on a revised book and some additions to the score were made including an opening number, "Happy All the Time".  
The Experience

Elf - The musical has been hitting the heights ever since it came out on Broadway. There is a cast that can put in something special in every performance, especially Sebastian Arcelus (Buddy). Even the leading light brings out an extraordinary side of the show. The musical does almost everything that any other successful Broadway production does without being too serious about it – and that's the best thing about it. The show gives a simple message; to be happy. It is a production that is as much entertaining to the kids as it is moving for adults. Elf tickets are the best gift you can give to your family and watching the musical is the best thing you can do during the holidays. Go out and enjoy!

More about Elf the Musical

  1. The New York Times called Elf – The Musical as a “SPLASHY, peppy, sugar-sprinkled holiday entertainment”.
  2. The musical grossed at number three on the 2010 Thanksgiving weekend behind The Lion King and Wicked.
  3. Buddy the Elf, Santa Claus, Jovie, Walter Hobbs, Michael Hobbs, Emily Hobbs, Deb and Mr. Greenway are the main characters of the musical.
  4. The musical was premiered in Canada at Neptune Theatre in Halifax.
  5. Among its negative reception, Black Stage reviewed the musical to be "too sweet and a big mess. Even the most fantastic cast possible couldn't rescue this mediocre show."