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Disaster!, with its bits of comics and music, lampoons the flicks and feats from the hit movies of the 70s. Within all the chaos and onstage fuss, lies the hilarious plot of the musical that is complimented with some of the pop and rock chartbusters of the era. Currently playing at the St. Luke’s Theatre, the musical will run through February 2014. So prepare yourself for an evening packed with hilarity, party hits and fun that you will remember for a long time.

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Musical Numbers:

Don’t Bring Me Down, I am Women, Knock on Wood, Hot Stuff, Sky High


St. Luke’s Theatre


Disaster! makes reference to some of the most popular sequences and events of the Hollywood movies and presents them in a funny way. The idea of the musical is conceptualized and inscribed by the renowned Broadway personality, Seth Rudetsky and he shares the credit for writing with Jack Plotnick. The duo, with their resourceful abilities, condenses the funniest feats of Hollywood blockbusters into a spoof musical. Hence the story progresses with laughter-inducing events occurring one after the other, making a chain of amusing happenings.

The Creative Team

Some of the most passionate members make up the team of the Disaster!. Besides working as the co-writer, Jack Plotnick directs the musical with full command and commitment. Denis Jones choreographs all the musical sequences and makes them fit in with the comic appeal of the show. Drew Geraci joins the team as the associate director and choreographer of the musical and contributes to his fullest.

The beautiful orchestral arrangements of Disaster! are by Larry Pressgrove as he serves as the music director. Steve Marzullo accompanies Pressgrove as the music supervisor. The wonderful lighting and stage design is given by Josh Iacovelli. The youthful yet highly professional Ben Campbell serves as the assistant director of the musical and that sums up the creative crew of Disaster!.

Disaster! – A Glimpse

Set in the year of 1979, Disaster! sheds light on the grand party scene where all the people come together to flaunt their money, talents and glamour. One of its kinds of party, the grand opening of Manhattan’s brand new floating nightclub and casino, gathers all the fun lovers to celebrate the event. But all of the celebration turns into a disaster and then comes the real fun and what is least expected of the evening.

Experience the Disaster!

With its earnest theatrical treatment and energetic musical arrangements, Disaster! takes a satirical approach to display some of the funniest sequences of the old films. Disaster! tickets are hogged by the theatergoers as the musical is one of the hottest and funniest shows in town. Book a trip to the 70s and discover what it is to be a part of a fun-filled disaster!


Did You Know?

  • "Hilarious!  It does what it does really, really well, and is by far one of the funniest shows in town!” – New York Post
  • "Inspired lunacy...Skilled comic actors with tasty roles." – The New York Times
  • "A low-tech, high-spirited, winning-and-winking parody.  ...A surprising number of moving moments." – The New Yorker
  • "One of the flat-out funniest casts you'll see anywhere." – Broadwayworld.com
  • "Enjoyably frenzied evening boasts a fiercely committed cast, sharp book, and songs that will get stuck in your head for days." – Theatermania