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The upcoming Dinosaur Train Live: Buddy’s Big Adventure show is being presented by Gables Grove Productions, Mills Entertainment with Brad Simon as its executive producer. The upcoming presentation has been based on the PBS Kids series, “Dinosaur Train”. Creator of the program, Craig Bartlett will be encouraging young audiences to engage in basic scientific thinking and expose them to natural history, paleontology and science facts. Join the Jim Henson Company in a magical presentation as some of your favorite dinosaurs come to life.

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Dinosaur Train Live

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The Skirball Center for the Performing Arts is announcing to host an event that will be a treat for children. The Dinosaur Train Live event is being presented for the fascination of children with trains and dinosaurs. The best thing about this forthcoming show is that director, John Tartaglia will be combining these two children’s favorites in an unforgettable exciting story. Take the little ones on a magical journey as Dinosaur Train Live tickets are up for sale now.

The Dinosaur Train; Animated Series

The Dinosaur Train television show is an animated series that run on PBS Kids television network. The series inaugurated in 2009 and ran for three seasons, presenting a total of seventy nine episodes. The animated program showcases Buddy who is a curious Tyrannosaurus Rex adopted by the Pteranodon family. Buddy is seen hoping on to the Dinosaur Train time and again to explore new places, meet new friends and embark on exciting adventures. Buddy is joined by his friends, Tiny, Shiny, Don and Mr. Conductor. These series also present catchy songs that have been popular amongst the young audiences. Some of the most popular tunes of the series include “Hungry Hungry Herbivore”, “Theme Song”, “I’m a T-Rex”, “Nice to Meet You”, “All Aboard”, “I Love Trains”, “Sleep Little Dinosaur” and “No Place Like Our Nest”, including numerous others. After the massive success of The Dinosaur Train, the Jim Henson Company announced in July, 2013 that a live touring show based on the television series will be inaugurated. Titled “Dinosaur Train Live! – Buddy’s Big Adventure”, the act is expected to make its way across sixty cities by the end of 2013.

The Main Event

The Dinosaur Train Live: Buddy’ Big Adventure will bring to life Buddy, Don, Tiny and the rest of his family and friends as the young T-Rex embarks on another exciting journey. Little Buddy is a proud member of the Pteranodon family, however he starts questioning about his true family as he grows up. What will happen when he becomes so large that he cannot fit into the Pteranodon nest? Buddy wishes to know about his true origin and family and so the Pteranodons decide to take the Dinosaur Train to see King Cryolophosaurus. Travelling across the Mesozoic, Buddy arrives in Troodon Town where his beloved friend, the King is expected to perform. When they reach the venue of the concert, Buddy and his family come to know that the King has gone missing. Will Buddy and his family find their friend in time to perform at the concert? Will King be able to answer Buddy’s questions? To watch what happens in this unforgettable children’s tale, you should purchase Dinosaur Train Live tickets for the entire family.


More about Dinosaur Train Live Show

  1. The live show will make use of screen projections, visual arts and various other interactive multi-media to provide an educational experience.
  2. The Dinosaur Train Live event will present dinosaurs namely Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pteranodon, Troodon and Cryolophosaurus.
  3. The show will also include an engaging host who will continuously interact with the children and their parents.
  4. The live event will feature original music from the PBS Kids’ series.
  5. The Dinosaur Train Live show is expected to perform across 60 cities this year.